538 Poll Update Of Republican DOOM! Obama’s Chance Of Victory Up To 85.1%!

Just 2 more days until Romney delivers his not really a concession speech and the GOP starts up the lawsuits. In the meantime, keep in mind that Nate Silver’s 538 blog is so insanely accurate that the right has taken to complaining he appears to be gay. Why? Who knows? Maybe they think that homosexuals are bad at math?

Up from a 83.7% chance of winning and 305.3 electoral votes from 11/4. Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted is working overtime to void as many early ballots as possible. I honestly don’t think he cares how flagrantly he breaks the law at this point.

Here’s the swing state breakdown:

Colorado: 68.1% Chance of an Obama win (Up from 67.9%)

Florida: 53.8% Romney (Down from 54.8%) 

Iowa: 83.1% Obama (Up from 80.7%)

Nevada: 89.5% Obama (Up from 88.7%)

New Hampshire: 78.7% Obama (Down from 80.4%)

North Carolina: 79.6% Romney (Still the same from yesterday)

Ohio: 85.0% Obama (Up from 83.8%)

Virginia: 71.0% Obama (Up from 67.0%) 

Wisconsin: 94.2% Obama (Still the same from yesterday)

I cannot express to you how important it is that you vote. All of the “lost” ballots, voter fraud and “irregularities” are not to swing the electoral college to Romney at this point. It’s to swing the popular vote so they can tie the results up in court for months and declare that, “somehow,” Obama “stole” the election or that he’s STILL an illegitimate president. If he wins both the electoral and popular, the GOP will have little to stand on.

Make sure you vote and drag your friends with you!