Gingrich Marketplace Newsletter Says Obama Is Going To Win

The mailing list for Newt Gingrich’s Human Events newsletter had a message they never expected to cross their mailbox last Thursday. In an email titled, “What’s really at stake this Tuesday …?” Newt’s readers got a message one would never expect.

The truth is, the next election has already been decided. Obama is going to win. It’s nearly impossible to beat an incumbent president. What’s actually at stake right now is whether or not he will have a third-term.

You read it right, Porter Stansberry, who wrote the email to Gingrich supporters, is advocating that not only has Obama already won 2012, but he is planning on running for a third term.

The 22nd Amendment, of course, says that this is malarkey. Obama himself has called this his last campaign.

So why send out this email? We call this “stirring up the pot.” They want to terrify poorly educated people, the Republican base, so they are now putting forward a new proposition to scare them into emptying their wallets for, well, whatever the letter writer wants. In this case, the email pointed to a Stansberry & Associates website with a video to detail this plan.

The letter writer belongs to a group already convicted of defrauding people through an online newsletter based scheme.

When asked about the letter, a Gingrich spokesperson called it a “mistake.” It appears that the Gingrich newsletters allow for unsupervised access for 3rd party advertisers. This gross lack of oversight and basic internet security is inexcusable, especially for a list associated with a one-time candidate for president.

What now must be asked is, how many more “mistakes” have leaked through the Gingrich email lists? And how many people have fallen for scam artists, con men, or other such frauds, thanks to Gingrich’s mailing lists “mistakes?”