Obama ‘Bets On’ Voters, Believes ‘Good Sense’ Will Prevail Over A Billionaire’s Ad Blitz (VIDEO)

by Callie Shell for TIME, 2008

In about 48 hours, the person who will lead our nation for the next 4 years will be decided. On one side, we have a proven incumbent with nothing to hide. On the other, we have millionaire tax dodger Mitt Romney, who is backed by the biggest tsunami of campaign spending any election has ever seen.

And the biggest donor to the biggest conservative SuperPAC is the man who might ultimately decide the election, if Obama supporters fail to turn out decisively on Tuesday. With at least $70 million pledged to Republicans in the 2012 election, Sheldon Adelson is “far and away the largest donor to independent political efforts in…modern history,” says the Huffington Post.

In October, Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam Adelson ante up again to saturate our senses with more negative Obama ads. Together, the couple gave $10 million last month to Restore Our Future, the largest SuperPAC that has already spent tens of millions on negative television, radio, and direct mail ads in the months leading up to the election.

Here are some of the 26 pieces of anti-Obama junk mail swamping our swing-state mailbox, the ones that Adelson’s money put there over the last few weeks:

Did I mention that Sheldon Adelson has a $2 billion personal interest in seeing Romney elected that has absolutely nothing to do with preserving America’s middle class and everything to do with ushering someone who represents the rich, and the rich alone, into the White House?

So, on Tuesday America must decide, vote by vote, whether we will allow Republicans’ obstructionism and negative ad blitz to succeed, or whether we’re going to buck their rigged system and preserve our nation’s soul.

Listen to Obama say it in his words, at a campaign rally Saturday night in Virginia:

That status quo in Washington has fought us every step of the way over the last four years…They engineered a strategy of gridlock in Congress, refusing to compromise on ideas that, in the past, both Democrats and Republicans have supported. And what they’re counting on now is that you are going to be so worn down by all they squabbling, so tired of the dysfunction, so, so weary of what goes on on Capitol Hill that you are just going to give up, and walk away, and just put them back in power, or they them stay there.

In other words, their bet is on cynicism, but, Virginia, my bet’s on you. My bet’s on you, and the decency and the good sense of the American people.

Now, I could try to give more examples of the deceit used to sell the GOP platform to the American people, such as how Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and other Republicans recently buried a Congressional Research Service report that once again proved the inconvenient truth that cutting taxes for so-called “job creators” does not boost the economy, but only serves to concentrate more wealth at the top.

In Obama’s economic “pros” column, I could try to persuade you with more facts, like how the housing market is rebounding big time, consumer confidence is up, average GDP growth is virtually identical to pre-recession levels, the market has added jobs every single month for 2 years, Obama’s reduced the deficit by $312 billion since taking office, and Obama’s cut (that’s right, cut) taxes for 95% of Americans and for small businesses via the Hire Act.

But, if you’re still undecided or uncommitted, you aren’t the type of person who votes based on a well-reasoned argument. If you end up choosing Obama in that voting booth, it will be because your gut tells you it’s the right thing to do, for you and for the country.

So, please vote your conscience on Nov. 6, and allow Obama to make one more plea for your support:

Polls are open 6:30am-7:30pm (find your poll location). If you have already voted, volunteer at the local field office to help get out the vote.

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