People Literally Held Hostage At Romney Rally, Despite Complaints Of Frostbite

^People held hostage to hear this.
Cartoon by DonkeyHotey/Esquire’s The Politics Blog

Is this really happening? Last night, three reporters from three different major U.S. news outlets tweeted that attendees of a Romney rally were prevented from leaving, causing people to push through barricades:

From a USA Today reporter:


From a New York Times reporter:


From a CBS News reporter:

Random people tweeted back that the decision of Romney’s people to hold attendees against their will was related to “security,” which seems to be a pretty flimsy justification. What possible threat could people exiting an event pose to Romney or themselves? It seems to me like containing people when they don’t want to be contained would create more of a security threat.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that people have been forced to attend a Romney rally. Murray Energy coal mining employees were forced to attend a Romney/Ryan campaign event, without pay. Is this really the kind of America we want to create?

In less than 2 days, our next president will be decided. On one side, we have a proven incumbent with nothing to hide. On the other, we have millionaire tax dodger Mitt Romney, who not only thinks 47% of Americans are victims, but also is riding on the crest of the biggest election spending tsunami in history. And Sheldon Adelson, the biggest donor to the biggest conservative SuperPAC, is the man who might ultimately decide the election … (WATCH OBAMA’S FINAL APPEAL TO SWING VOTERS HERE).

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