Romney Refuses Youth Debate, First Candidate In 16 Years To Do So

Mitt Romney has become the first candidate for President of the United States to ever refuse to attend the Presidential Youth Debate, which describes themselves as “a nonpartisan youth civic-engagement program that’s featured the participation of every President and major presidential candidate since 1996, and we’re grateful to now air exclusive online video of President Obama answering the questions young Americans say matter most, including unique concerns on higher education, jobs and the economy, and deficit reduction.”

Romney, in a manner reminiscent of his dealing with demands for his tax returns, has established that he doesn’t give a damn about precedent or presidential behavior, doing whatever he sees fit. Obama answered five questioned this debate season, but as the Presidential Youth Debate organizers report,

In June both President Obama and Gov. Romney were invited in the hope they would both take this opportunity to address millions of young people about the issues that are most important to them. Unfortunately, despite our efforts over a four-month period, Gov. Romney declined participation. He is the first and only candidate in our 16-year history to decide not to answer the questions young Americans chose as most important through the Presidential Youth Debate. With Millennials being the nation’s largest potential voting bloc, we’re still very much hoping Gov. Romney might change his mind and provide his responses via video or even as text anytime before Nov. 6th, so young Americans can cast an even more informed ballot in the Election.

Mitt Romney has declined requests for response, and with two days before the election, it is nearly certain that he will not be answering questions from them (well, he’s not answering questions from anyone). Does the possibility that he might actually have to answer something without giving a scripted and evasive answer actually terrify him that much? It would seem that the answer to that question is, indeed, yes.

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