538 Poll Update Of Republican DOOM! Time To Kick Romney To The Curb!

We’re almost to the finish line and we have just a few more glimpses of Nate Silver’s genius at work. The New York Times 538 blog  is predicting a solid win for Obama but we still need every vote to overcome the massive voter suppression campaign the GOP is working on. Already the lines in Florida are hours long. Why? Because lowered voter turnout always benefits Republicans. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s math. If you haven’t voted already, make sure you do, even in a blue state!

Up from a 85.1% chance of winning and 306.9 electoral votes. Obama’s got the electoral vote sewed up, now we have to ensure the popular vote as well. That’s what the GOP will use as a cudgel against Obama if they “lose” enough Democratic votes to make it appear as if Romney won it. “The people have spoken! bla bla bla! Therefor we must oppose everything Obama does!”

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Here’s the swing state breakdown:


Colorado: 69.7% Chance of an Obama win (Up from 68.1%)

Florida: 55.5% Romney (Up from 53.8%) Better hope those old people forgot that Ryan wants to destroy Medicare and Social Security…

Iowa: 81.2% Obama (Down from 83.1%)

Nevada: 90.0% Obama (Up from 89.5%)

New Hampshire: 80.2% Obama (Up from 78.7%)

North Carolina: 77.2% Romney (Down from 79.6%)

Ohio: 86.8% Obama (Up from 85.0%) Still the one to watch. Jon Husted keeps passing last minute “rules” to give GOP operatives cover for their voter suppression efforts. Will it work?

Virginia: 72.6% Obama (Up from 71.0%) Didn’t this used to be a Romney leaning state? Bwahahahaha!

Wisconsin: 94.5% Obama (94.2%)

There should be more update today and then we’re in the thick of it. Get your friends out to vote if they’re not so inclined! In this election, more than any other time, EVERY vote counts! We don’t just need a win, we need a clear and uncontestable win.