Major Bain-Owned Company Boldly Sides With Obama On Election Eve (VIDEO)

On Monday night, I was watching the live stream of the final campaign speech of Obama’s career in Des Moines. As he was speaking, the President was exhaling the white vapor-tinged air that tells you it’s cold outside. It made me recall how “enthusiastic” GOP voters practically stampeded their way out of a Romney rally Saturday in Pennsylvania, while complaining of frostbite with temps in the 40s. So I went over to to check the current temp in Des Moines – a chilly 41 degrees – and smiled. People were cold, but they weren’t thinking of leaving that Obama rally.

But let me back up: Before I performed this routine weather search, something else caught my eye as I landed on The Weather Channel homepage. On the eve of the U.S. presidential election, TWC took a prominent stand on climate change and handed a de facto endorsement to Obama, the candidate who believes in science.

TWC ‘s graphic lays out the case:

TWC’s well-timed move is interesting for a few reasons: First, TWC has a reach of up to 90 million users between web and mobile. That’s a little more than two-thirds of the 130 million people who voted in 2008. Second, TWC is generally regarded as a non-politically motivated, reliable source. Thirdly, and most impressively, TWC is owned by a consortium that includes Bain Capital, the company that Mitt Romney founded and led for more than 15 years as a major investor.

The Weather Channel actually is quite adept at the subtle art of nudging people with the truth. Near the election thumbnail on the homepage, TWC links to a video titled “Climate Change, Changing Weather,” where the meteorologist sums up by saying “A reasonable, initial conclusion is that global warming, a changing climate, did contribute to [Sandy’s] outcome,” as well as a more in-depth video called “Did Climate Change Cause Sandy?” Watch the video:


Predictably, in the comment section below the educational graphic comparing the candidates, a Romney supporter ripped into TWC. Michele of Walsh University was indignant (all emphasis and spelling are hers):

Of all channels, I certainly thought THE WEATHER CHANNEL would stay neutral during the campaign; boy, was I wrong, i.e. your interview with the Governor of Iowa. I was shocked to see that you would interview someone who would say, “I disagree with Romney”. Why don’t you stick to the weather or better yet, why not present an opposing view, someone who agrees with Romey (sic) and is able to list the reasons for that point of view! SHAME ON YOU, WEATHER CHANNEL!

The replies to Michele are what make me still believe in America, and in a positive outcome today. Jason, a waiter, responds:

What? Stay neutral? I just witnessed a horrible storm here on the Northeast coast. All the evidence shows that global warming is true and humans are causing it. This is not, nor should it be a partisan issue. This is a real issue that is going to get much worse. I’m glad The Weather Channel, who is partly owned by Bain capital, has got enough balls to say something. Global warming is real. Wake the hell up.


If TWC came out with a report on gravity, would you call them biased?


They can have their own opinions right? We live in America they can support who they want to support, and frankly the Republicans’ opinion on this matter is really ignorant. Wanting to take out the bill that limits Co2 emission?

Mark, a graduate student at Georgetown University:

The Weather Channel stands with science. Not to mention everything in there is true, and not once did they say who to vote for. Maybe you just don’t like your candidate’s position?

Jesse in Tampa:

The only reason you disagree with The Weather Channel and think it is biased is because the stances of [Romney] are illogical even to you.

TWC isn’t the only prominent but unexpected brand name that rallied behind Obama and the climate change issue in the days leading up to the election. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a self-made billionaire, also endorsed President Obama in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, saying:

When I step into the voting booth, I think about the world I want to leave my two daughters, and the values that are required to guide us there. The two parties’ nominees for president offer different visions of where they want to lead America…I want our president to place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics.


Lines will be long; in some areas it’s due to an intentional effort to suppress votes. If your skin is brown or black, some of you might be the target of intimidation at the polls. But we need your vote. We need every last one.



Since it’s Election Day, I’d like to finish by making my case for your vote for Obama (and Dems to back him in Congress):

Given this critical moment, let me be clear: I unequivocally support President Barack Obama. Obama has taken obstruction and made it a slow but persistent recovery. He has taken fear and turned it into liberation with the repeal of DADT. He ended the Iraq war and made sure millions more Americans have health coverage. Through it all, he has been under constant siege by the most powerful and deceitful forces of the Republican Party; yet, with earnestness and warmth he is still winning with voters.

Most of all, Obama has taken the hate and venom thrown at him by the ignorant, intolerant, and self-serving people of this nation, and he has met each challenge, each day, with thoughtfulness, compassion, patience, and persistent love of the American people and this country. Among any political peers today, he is unmatched in character, skill and vision, while notably under-appreciated. This is why I volunteer for, donate to, and write on behalf of Obama.

And, one more thing, this election’s not really about Barry. It’s about us. We have only two alternatives today. Which America are you going to choose?


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