Fox News Alert: Black Panthers Scaring White Voters Away From Polling Place (VIDEO)

Author: November 6, 2012 9:24 am
Cartoon of Fox News helicopter circling Manhattan with slogan "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists"

Screen shot from The SimpsonsThe Fool Monty” episode, November 2010.

It’s finally here: the culmination of corporate “persons” exercising their rights to free speech, while the masses pretend to care about the fate of our severely bruised democracy, so long as it gets them out of doing boring paperwork at the office. And for all of those nice white people out there, Fox News wants to inform of you of all those scary “New Black Panthers.” Forget about the widespread and ridiculously well-documented instances of white-dominated voter intimidation and threats of firing employees if Romney doesn’t win; misleading robo-callsobstructing the vote; and voter suppression by Tea Party Governors and their rabid right-wing state legislatures, because a scary looking New Black Panther was spotted at a polling place in Pennsylvania.

"Fox News Alert" about New Black Panther Party

This isn’t Samuel L. Jackson — whom white people adore for screaming at them to vote while they sleep — it’s a member of the New Black Panthers Party.

Fox News co-host Gretchen Carlson appears alongside a blaring “Fox News Alert” graphic and “reports”:

“This is a member of the Black Panthers standing guard outside a polling place in Philadelphia … Does it look reminiscent? Remember this from four years ago. The organization said it was thinking about monitoring the elections. Critics say it’s more like intimidation. The Black Panthers also stood guard outside polling places, as I just mentioned, in 2008 in Philly, the group’s leader with a nightstick in his hand. It looks very similar.”

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