Trump Calls For ‘March On Washington’ For ‘Revolution’

Author: November 6, 2012 10:25 pm

Your candidate loses the election, what do you do? Well, if you are Donald Trump, you attempt to incite an insurrection:

He quickly erased the tweets which called for a revolution, but it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. His call for a “march on Washington” and two different calls for “revolution” were out on the internet. His inability to do math is also telling, as Obama has won both the popular and electoral vote.

When Gore lost in 2000, you did not have Democrats calling for an insurrection. When Kerry lost in 2004, you did not have Democrats plotting for an overthrow. Elections are a representation of the popular will. If you lose, your ideas are what need to change. Revolution is the action called for by a coward. Trump has just shown his true colors.

Trump’s candidate lost, so instead of focusing on why he lost, Trump calls for the usurping of the Republic itself, to eliminate Democracy, and to impose his will at the end of a gun (real or metaphorical, it matters not). This is not what the United States is founded on.

Of course something else crossed my mind. Donald Trump seems to have not opened up a history book. If he had, he might learn what tends to happen to rich people during revolutions. It is not something I think he would appreciate.

So, Don, if I may call you that, don’t make such stupid statements. You lost because your message was divisive. The Republican party is rapidly turning into a fossil fuel source. You now have a choice, evolve or die out. You need to change your message to reach a broader swath of the population. Tax cuts don’t resonate anymore. Attacking minorities doesn’t work anymore. Calling the rich of this nation “job creators” when they’re anything but, doesn’t work anymore.

You must learn the lessons of this election, or else, come 2016, the margin of victory for Biden/Warren will make this defeat seem like the good old days.

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  • The rich white guy didn’t win? What kind of country is this?

  • It’s actually called sedation and I agree he should be charged and procecuted.

  • An attempt to incite a revolution to overthrow the government elected by the people is treason. What would the right wingers say if a liberal or leftist had made those comments. Trump once again shows that he has no respect at all for Democracy. But, because he is rich, it is unlikely he will even get a slap on the wrist. Watch for more of the same from the “patriots” of the Tea Party. They will sooner or later show their real colors and claim that they are justified by misusing statements by Thomas Jefferson taken completely out of context. That is my perdiction for the near future, just wait and see.

  • Donald Trump: You’re fired.

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