Group Resorts To Intimidation And Forgery To Steal Election

You mean, “Corrupted and Stolen” don’t you?

Nothing says, “We want to protect the integrity of the election!” like forging signatures so you can place your “observers” at the polls to harass minority voters. Via Plunderbund:

The FCBOE (Franklin County Board of Elections – FLS) met today and determined that True the Vote had likely falsified the forms submitted for general election observers. The new observer forms, filed over the past few days by True the Vote representative (and Hilliard Tea Party Member) Jan Loar, used candidate signatures copied from a previous set of forms filed in early October

All but one of the six candidates whose names appeared on the original form had withdrawn permission to use their signatures prior to the submission of today’s forms. During the BOE meeting Candidate Terri Jamison spoke up to say her name was “forged” on the latest round of forms.

Can’t you just feel the integrity? These professionally concerned citizens are so intent on disrupting “helping” that they’re willing to break the law to do it!

Fortunately entire board in a bipartisan and unanimous vote rejected the forms submitted by True the Vote. Not only will True the Vote not be allowed into the Franklin County, Ohio polling sites, but election officials have stated their intent to investigate the group after the election.

This is just another piece of evidence of a wide-spread criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise minority voters in crucial districts. After the election, it will be incumbent upon us to pressure the Obama Department of Justice to prosecute these people to the furthest extent of the law. We allowed right-wing operatives to steal too many elections in just the last 12 years to continue down this path. It’s time to remind the right that the rule of law still exists in America.

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