Fox Pundit Always Wrong, Still Has Job As Attack Dog

Remember Dick Morris? The Clinton campaign hack who slunk off into obscurity after being thoroughly disgraced? Morris resigned in 1996–the same day Bill Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention to accept his party’s nomination as a candidate for the Presidency. Morris got caught sucking the toes of Sherry Rowlands–a prostitute–and tabloids published photographs of him with Rowlands on a hotel balcony. Allegedly, Morris tried to impress his prostitute friend by allowing her to listen in on phone conversations with President Clinton and bragged that he held a leash that was firmly fastened around Clinton’s neck. (Morris was also alleged to have fathered an illegitimate child with a woman in Texas.)

When resigning, thanks to this self-inflicted scandal, Morris compared himself to Bobby Kennedy and took credit for Clinton’s successes; Clinton, in accepting Morris’ resignation, graciously thanked him for his years of service but remained mum about the reasons for Morris’s departure. Morris repaid Clinton’s circumspect and tactful response by claiming Clinton almost threw a punch at him during a dispute in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion, and claimed that this was the real reason he chose not to work on Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Morris also has been scathing in his criticism of Hillary Clinton. With friends like these…

Can’t keep a good douche-canoe down forever, apparently. Dick Morris returned, not to the Democrats (who didn’t want him), but to the loving embrace of the right wing kook bin and FOX News (oh, sorry, that’s redundant), and has proceeded to be wrong about almost everything imaginable since. Morris claimed Condoleeza Rice would run for office (wrong) and defeat Hillary Clinton. Wrong. Morris predicted that Republican Jeanine Pirro would be Hillary Clinton’s “worst nightmare” and cause her to withdraw from a Senate race in 2006. Wrong. Morris opined that Hurricane Katrina would be a great public relations coup for the Bush Presidency and that it would be handled well. Wrong. Morris led right wing attacks against the so-called Ground Zero Mosque (the Park 51 Muslim community center which was not a mosque and actually not that close to Ground Zero). A trifecta of wrongness: falsely assuming all Muslims agree with al-Qaeda and blithely helping to stir up more xenophobic, bigoted right wing animus; falsely calling a community center a mosque, and falsely claiming it was located right at Ground Zero. Morris said that Bill Clinton would vote for Mitt Romney even as he made some lukewarm comments about supporting Obama. Ha. Wrong. Morris attempted to discredit Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary film with his own film. (I bet you can’t name it off the top of your head.) Morris predicted that Obama would fail to be re-elected to a second term. SO wrong.

When Representative Todd Akin announced that women couldn’t get pregnant from “legitimate rapes” because their bodies “have ways to shut that whole thing down” (what, magic rape-sperm destroying lasers in their uteruses?), Morris opined that Akin’s faux pas would be a “big plus for Romney.” Yeah, not so much. This article would be ten times as long if we called Morris out for every single wrong thing he has ever said; suffice it to say, it is a long and unimpressive list.

Morris also thought, though goodness knows why, that Romney was going to win in a landslide. Pay no attention to those Princeton wonks and Nate Silver, Morris, because polls and stats are for sissies, and even though Romney never–not even for one single hour, not even after the lackluster Republican National Convention, not even after his modest bump in the polls after President Obama failed to set him on fire each time he lied during the first Presidential debate–managed to earn 270 projected Electoral College votes. Morris predicted that Romney would win 325 electoral college votes and that Obama would win 213. Though Florida is, as usual (as I write this, anyway) holding up the works by not awarding President Obama their 29 electoral college votes even now, with all precincts reporting and the vast majority of all votes counted (unless they are still counting ballots with hanging chads left over from 2000), it looks like those numbers will be almost exactly reversed, with Obama winning 332 votes (once Florida gets its stuff together), and Romney 206.

Image from POLITICO and

Says Dick Morris, “I predicted a Romney landslide and, instead, we ended up with an Obama squeaker.” Oh, because the exact same numbers, when reversed in favor of Obama–numbers which might even be slightly higher in Obama’s favor once Florida finally reports in–equal “a squeaker” and not “a landslide” in the Morrisverse…if a Democrat wins the election.

Dick Morris logic: “Math is hard! If you wish something to be true hard enough, it is true! No one remembers that I am a buffoon! TRUST ME, Romney’s got it in the bag!” At this point, if Dick Morris predicts something, it’s actually a better bet to embrace the opposite point of view, because Dick Morris is the world’s worst political pundit.

As Noah Kristula-Green at The Daily Beast puts it:

We all make silly statements. We all make poor predictions. Indeed most Washington pundits are right as often as they are wrong. One Washington prognosticator, however, stands above the rest.

Step up, Dick Morris. […]

Morris’ ability to make statements and predictions that are often so, so wrong is exceptional. He has been called the “worst pundit in America.” The more cynical among us might argue that the word “America” should be replaced with “world.” Indeed, to recall all of Morris’s spectacular failures would require more space than Santa is allotted for his Christmas list.

Top Four Dick Morris Excuses For Why Romney Did Not, In Fact, Win In A Landslide.

1. Non-white people are, like, totally voting too much:

MORRIS: I mistakenly believed that the 2008 surge in black, Latino, and young voter turnout would recede in 2012 to “normal” levels. Didn’t happen. These high levels of minority and young voter participation are here to stay. And, with them, a permanent reshaping of our nation’s politics. […] This is not your father’s United States and the Republican tilt toward white middle aged and older voters is ghettoizing the party so that even bad economic times are not enough to sway the election.

2. Superstorm Sandy (you knew that was coming):

MORRIS: Sandy, in retrospect, stopped Romney’s post-debate momentum. She was, indeed, the October Surprise. She also stopped the swelling concern over the murders in Benghazi and let Obama get away with his cover-up in which he pretended that a terrorist attack was, in fact, just a spontaneous demonstration gone awry.

3. Chris Christie not being a raging asshat to POTUS (you knew that was coming, too):

MORRIS: I did not take full account of the impact of hurricane Sandy and of Governor Chris Christie’s bipartisan march through New Jersey arm in arm with President Obama. Not to mention Christe’s fawning promotion of Obama’s presidential leadership. It made all the difference.

4. Republicans weren’t conservative enough, have to double down!

MORRIS: We must stop Obama’s socialist agenda. That’s our job for the next four years. We cannot allow Obama to magnify his narrow victory into a mandate for larger government, bigger spending, and less freedom.

I suspect there are other reasons, some of which can be spotted in his post:

1. Still insisting, despite evidence to the contrary, that Obama did not recognize Benghazi attacks as terrorism. (Yes, you can rest assured that Morris is wrong about Benghazi and Obama supposedly not calling it an act of terror as well, and even Condoleeza Rice has stepped up to say so.)
2. Still trying to pretend POTUS is a socialist. (Yes, Morris is wrong again, because Obama’s “agenda” is not remotely socialist, it was the GOP trying to insert the government into women’s uteruses and gay marriages (so much for Dems touting the intrusiveness of “big government.” The Republicans have traditionally been the ones to worsen the deficit, and the GOP idea of “freedom” is laughable at best, especially when it involves efforts to legislate women’s personal reproductive choices, when it attempts to disenfranchise and suppress voters, and when it defines “freedom” as “the right for Chick-Fil-A’s Dan Cathy and a horde of political preachers to say homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic crap without any criticism whatsoever from people who disagree.”)
3. Dwindling angry old white theocratic male population.
4. Ignoring facts and statistics as if they were some kind of wizardly hocus-pocus. (Well, Nate Silver may be a wizard, but he is a benign and math-based one.)
5. Still believes Romney had “momentum” even though he only got a slight bump after 1st debate, no bump from RNC, and never even once was projected to earn 270 electoral college votes. Not even for 24 hours. Never.
6. Still ignoring reports, facts and figures and other data indicating that economy is improving, slowly but surely.
Not mentioned, but likely relevant:

1. Exit polls reveal that majority of voters polled correctly identified Bush II as source of most economic problems. One can extrapolate from this that they did not feel moved to elect Bush III.
2. Romney lied his ass off non-stop from at least January until Election Day, racking up over 900 debunked WHOPPERS of lies.
3. People not interested in electing a member of the 1% as POTUS. The interest in the Occupy movement and the success of the 47% meme should have been a wake-up call for conservatives.
A wizard did it.

Here are some entertaining responses (from people of all political persuasions) on Morris’ blog:

Matt Weitz: You predicted a Romney “landslide” 325-213, but we got an Obama “squeaker” 332-206. You’re incorrigible, Dick, and irrelevant. Goodbye.

Josh Kiem: Squeaker in quotation marks = LANDSLIDE. Obama not only won in a Dick-Morris-defined Landslide, he actually won by a wider margin than what Morris predicted he’d lose by. Some “squeaker.”

Josephine Nembhard: Dick, I like you and I despise Obama, but, 332-206 is not a squeaker. That was a clear victory, not even close.

Allen Simmons: Just about all unbiased forecasts had Obama winning for the past few months. Only fully entrenched Foxnews (sic) speakerboxes couldn’t see it coming.

Kenny Johnson: Sorta like when Bush won with 34 electoral college votes and it was called a “mandate” but when Obama wins with a 100+ EV, it’s time to be bipartisan.

Jim Harris’ Page. Ten Million Grumpy Ole’ White Guys For Romney/Ryan 2012: There is enough of us grumpy ole white guys to make a difference if we come together!

Tim L: Popular vote is not even a squeaker. Obama is going to win with over 50%. That is rare accomplishment to bust 50% in back-to-back elections. This is the definition of a “landslide” in a presidential race.

Lisa YoungWOW, I WAS GOING TO SAY THE SAME THING. How is anybody taking what he says seriously? Has he EVER got anything right?

Ted Venegas: You conservatives stayed in your media bubble during the election, and it led you to believe that you were right. It’s time to come out of your self created media bubble and join the rest of us.

Kimberly Campbell Jackson: First, the polls never take into account the thousands under 30 who do not have a “land line.” I have 3 kids who fit that and who never received one phone call to poll them (2 of 3 voted for Romney). Second, the millions who voted for Obama want the free stuff. Third, the millions who voted for Obama do NOT care or can not comprehend basic economics.

Michael Kape: Excuse me, Kimberly, but I earn a six-figure income (I’m in the 53%), I do pay taxes (at a higher rate than Gov. Romney, I might point out), and I’m not looking for any handout from the government. I DO believe in the safety net. I DON’T want anyone messing with Medicare beyond necessary tweaks (i.e., NO VOUCHERS!). I DO believe in a woman’s right to choose. I DO believe in marriage equality. Indeed, I read the ENTIRE republican platform and couldn’t find one single plank with which I agreed (did YOU read it?). And yes, I DID vote for the re-election of President Obama–proudly.
Hannah DoddOh, please – ENOUGH with this “democrats are moochers” business! Democrats are hardworking Americans who don’t complain about paying their taxes, unlike Republicans! Also, note that the economy tanked under Bush and is improving (slowly but surely) under Obama. Now who doesn’t understand economics? The “trickle down” theory, which is the linchpin of the Republican economic platform, has been disproven time and again. Find a new theory!

Glen Weinbaum: Jeez. Once again it’s math. Some polls do, and some don’t, include cell phones. The polls TELL YOU if they do or don’t. That’s why you average ALL OF THEM, and if you did, you’d have seen that this was the result that these polls predicted. Almost exactly. Not hard to comprehend.

Andy Dremeaux: Of course they take the lack of landlines into account. Why are you still denying math when math was able to predict every single battleground state to within half a point? If Obama voters “can not comprehend” basic economics, it has clearly proven to be Romney voters who can not comprehend basic math.

Joshua Pace: “The polls never take into account the thousands under 30 who do not have a ‘land line.'” The polls did take that into account. That’s why they were able to predict EXACTLY what happened on election day.

Stephen Grange: Gee, I wonder why Obama supporters don’t buy your message? “You are all lazy and just want freebies”!! Amazing you lost.

David Valentine: I see that you use the same methods as Dick. Free stuff? Who exactly and how much/what free stuff EXACTLY would that be? Do you have any statistics on this? No, you just throw out what feels emotionally to be true, then try to back-fill. The problem is, there is NO basis for this “all those people want free stuff and vote liberal/democrat” line of reasoning. It’s just a recycling of Newt’s B.S.

Kathy Fisk GolvachObama-Phones for everyone! Just give me your vote. Doesn’t matter if you have a job!

Mark Crummett: To make a blanket statement like “the millions who voted for Obama do not care or can not comprehend economics” shatters your credibility instantly. What a stupid comment with no evidence to back it.

Ricardo Davila: Maybe they don’t understand basic economics, but they understand science a little bit better. Creationism, god’s will for a woman to get pregnant from rape, the woman being able to shut down and avoid pregnancy in legitimate rape situations, etc. They can pick up a book and “refudiate” (Palin term) these theories.

Ed Alazraqui: Here are some “basic economics” for you: At the beginning of the Bush presidency we were in a SURPLUS that would have entirely paid off the debt to that point. Bush tax cuts erased all of it (BTW, shouldn’t the tax cuts for the “job creators” have created more jobs? They didn’t. FACT.) Second – we fought two unfunded wars (one a complete and unnecessary disaster – Iraq). Third – the near depression at the end of the Bush Presidency killed all consumer demand and revenue to the Gov’t cratered. All three of these taken as a whole are EXACTLY WHAT LEAD TO OUR RECORD DEFECITS. Again, these are the basic economic facts. Look it up. […] The DEFICITS were ended under Clinton (budget SURPLUS) and HAD THE SAME TAX RATES BEEN HELD IN PLACE, THE DEBT–YES, DEBT–WOULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY PAID OFF a few years into the Bush presidency.

Jeff Westcott: Yeah, you people are delusional. And you continue to buy some Fox narrative that people are looking for handouts. This is why you lose Presidential elections. Because your arrogant, condescending, judgmental attitudes are no longer welcome by a majority of Americans and we reject it. You lost because you ran a dishonest, flip-flopping liar who had no qualifications to be President. Also, since the economy is doing just fine, thank you, we’ll continue to enjoy more people going back to work and let the rest of you wonder just how much YOU understand about “basic economics.” Incredibly how out of touch with reality you Fox News right-winged loonies are.

Walt Kiskaddon: Actually, the polls were exactly right. Nate Silver called every state correctly. It was the “unskewed” people who called them all wrong, notably Dick Morris. And Betty wonders if Germany is getting it right? Germany? Do you know what their taxes are like? They clearly have universal, government paid for health care (and many, many other government provided social services). And Unions have to be represented on their corporate boards. As a liberal, I’d say they are getting a lot of it right!

Betty Aulick-AndrewsI know that my daughter never bothered to even watch the debates and Obamacare appealed to her family. When you are surrounded by liberals who don’t think of how America will be like ROME now, I guess you are bound to ignore what is happening. I am soooo depressed. PRAY for America. We are officially now a country which is for MURDER and Homosexual marriage. I hope the Harbinger is right. The liberals keep having babies and they will always vote for NOT working to earn a living. Who will be left to pay for all of their free stuff when the companies have all moved overseas to avoid Obama’s higher taxes??? If you were a millionaire, would you want to remain in this country and pay more than 70% of the taxes for the ENTIRE nation? Wonder if Germany is getting it right? What Christian nation is left???? Let me know. It sure isn’t this one.

Jeff Westcott: Betty Aulick-Andrews, the United States of America has never BEEN a “Christian nation.” This nation was built on the fundamental principle that everyone is entitled to believe, or not believe, in any higher power they want. I don’t know where you’ve been for your entire life, but religion should never, ever be a part of our government. This election, as the previous one was as well, is a huge rejection of the increasingly right wing loony opinions of your Republican party. It is not 1950. Americans do not want to live in the past. We aren’t interested in your judgments, your restrictions on women and minorities, simply because you can’t accept that not everyone shares your views on the world. It’s time people like you realized that this country is not interested in having you impose your religious views on the rest of us. Either get on board, or get out of the way.

Tim Moore: Betty Aulick-Andrews, your religious freedom stops at mine. This has never been a “Christian Nation.” As I recall, the preamble doesn’t go, “We the God-fearing people, in order to form a Christian Nation…”

Keith Yarmchuk: Your prediction was bad and you should feel bad.

Chris Shepley: You’re right, those of us who voted for Obama really can’t comprehend economics. By that argument though, neither can the majority of economists who have repudiated the whole Chicago school and Friedman’s ridiculous supply-side arguments. Companies are not sitting on record savings because there is a lack of supply. If there was more demand, they would be exercising their capital to create jobs, thus fueling more demand. Basic Keynesian stimulus is what was and is still needed to goose the economy. At least the Fed has recognized this… Or maybe I just don’t care what kind of country my son lives in and am an irresponsible parent who voted for the candidate who represented equal opportunity but not equal outcomes, not to mention my social values.

Marc Balmazi: Right, shame on the people that value their “reproductive freedom,” not shame on the party that refuses to separate its plan for the economy from a social agenda out of the 50’s.

Hilda Winzeler: Jeff Westcott, the liar and no qualifications to be President is what Obama is. I have not seen one thing showing Romney was lying. Our enemy in America is the main stream media who spews liberal agenda and communist takeover. Fox News is the only light in the distance when the people who voted for Obama start having economic problems and remain in poverty. Businesses are not going to hire now with job-killing Obamacare. There are not enough taxes to cover it.

Jeff Westcott: Hilda Winzeler, if you haven’t seen anything Romney lied about, then this is because you’re either A) so blinded by hate that you don’t see the truth, or B) really, really stupid. Romney lied about Chrysler moving the production of Jeeps to China. THE CEO OF CHRYSLER, as well as GM, told the Romney campaign they were lying and full of it and they still pushed that message. In Debate #2, the President walked Romney right into a lie – which is that the Governor supports employers being able to decide whether women can get contraception through their health insurance. Romney looked at those people in the Town Hall meeting, as well as viewers around the world, and lied when he said he doesn’t support that…except that he does and said so on several different occasions. He repeatedly claimed that the President “doubled” the deficit, but that’s not even close to being true. He said 20 million people would lose their health insurance due to Obamacare, and claimed that number came from the CBO, but neither parts of that message were true. He claimed that the percentage of Americans who support the President don’t pay any income tax. He said that the President cut 500 million in Medicare benefits. None of those things were true; I’ve just scratched the surface in terms of things I can remember off the top of my head. Though for most of you, Romney could have said the moon is made of white chocolate and you would believe it. Because you have to. Because you’re so wired into your ideology of hate that you can’t support anyone that doesn’t agree with your moral agenda.

Christopher Pompei: Hilda Winzeler, from a former Republican turned Democrat, the Republican party has turned into the party of crazies, is not inclusive and is led around by the nose from people the likes of Grover Norquist and the extreme right wing currently steering your party. Romney has a dismal record of reaching across the aisle, too: he vetoed 844 bills in 4 years, more than twice the amount former [governor] Bill Weld did in almost 8 years. Where did all of this fallacy come from of this so-called “hero” Mitt Romney? It is for the most part all bull. Wake up Republicans, we need new ideas, not old ones that do not work. I refuse to come back to the party until they wake up and smell what’s brewing. It isn’t the Republicans’ current agenda.

Mark Anderson: Making sweeping generalizations about why people voted for Obama is just plain ignorant, and a clear example of why the Republicans can’t get their $#it together.

Jeff Westcott: These people have been fed their “facts” on economics by idiots on Fox News. Those people have no idea what they’re talking about beyond “Obama bad, everyone else good.” Look at the three morons that host “Fox & Friends” every morning…talk about being dumber than a bag of hammers. There’s not 100 IQ points amongst the three of them. Yet there they are, the morning after the President destroys Romney in the second debate, saying “Well, the general consensus is that the debate was a tie.” Okay, except 11 polls of voters all favored Obama by a wide margin. Brilliant, Doocy!

Dan Olson: I’m sorry to say I’ll never trust your analysis again. I’m beyond disappointed in you AND Karl Rove.

Melody Lott: Your credibility is ruined in my eyes. You are supposed to be a professional in politics hence your job as a political pundit. If you cannot make predictions better than you did, then you should not be making any further ones. Being such a professional you should have considered the statistics in which you say you overlooked. I cannot fathom why any show, especially those on FOX would ever have you give your opinion any longer about any election.

Maynard Rothchild: Seriously, you want to spin this and blame it all on Chris Christie? Republicans will continue to lose as long as they are in denial. There aren’t enough white males to win an election. The appearance of an attempt to suppress minorities’ voting rights only further emboldened them; and the Tea Party turned off many moderates and independents as well. If the Republicans continue to double down on ignorance and intolerance they will be further isolated in their bubble on the outside of the process. Time to change your thinking.

Rob Kaufmann: Chris Christie’s respect for the President’s efforts regarding Hurricane Sandy “made all the difference” in the election? How much more wrong can you be? I’m not a big fan of the NJ Governor but his stature grew immensely in the eyes of many when he did something sorely lacking in Washington…worked with the President to fix something. It’s your choice, Republicans. You can take McConnell’s attitude (again) and filibuster and obstruct. OR you can take a page from Christie’s manual and try to work WITH your elected head of state. The people have spoken…the future is now in YOUR hands… be part of the solution, or remain the biggest problem. It’s up to you.

The people have spoken (and are still speaking, at Dick Morris’ blog), and the majority of those who have facts on their side are liberals (no surprise). Reality continues to have a liberal bias, apparently.

Why do people still listen to Dick Morris? In what other profession can you be wrong all the time, still keep your job and be taken seriously? No, really. Please tell me.

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