Limbaugh: Women Voted For Obama Even Though ‘He Treats Them Like Vaginas’ (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh smoking a cigar.

As Sigmund Freud once said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Uh huh. Right. Photo from News One.

You have to hand it to Rush Limbaugh, he sticks with his formula of hate, racism and misogyny no matter what. Also, like all good conservative pundits, he is a master of projection:

So Obama giving women the freedom to control their own reproductive cycles and, therefor, their lives is “treating them like vaginas?” How does Rush come to that conclusion? Well that’s easy enough to suss out: Rush thinks women are all sluts, remember? The primary motivation for women (particularly liberal women) is sex and anyone who can guarantee them all the consequence free sex they want gets their vote.
Of course, that’s not exactly how it works in the real world, something conservative only have a passing familiarity with. In the real world, the conservative movement has decided that women’s vaginas are something to be legislated and controlled. They have, literally, reduced women to a reproductive organ and the rest of her is just a life support system with no rights. See where the projection comes in? In answer to this trend, the Democratic Party decided it was time to hold the GOP accountable to this archaic and vile way of thinking and it worked like gangbusters.

Every single GOP candidate that loudly espoused the view that women are just byproducts of their wombs lost. All of them. From Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin to Richard “It’s God’s Will” Mourdock to Mitt “I Would Support A Personhood Amendment” Romney. Their outspoken need to deprive women of not just the right to an abortion but the right to even use birth control told women that they were second class citizens unworthy of respect or consideration.
That, Rush, is why they voted for the man that would treat them like human beings by ensuring unobstructed access to birth control; not so they could have all the sex they want but so they could plan if and when they would have families and stand on equal footing with men.
That, Rush, is why they voted against the man that would leave them at the mercy of biology by taking away even basic contraception. They voted against being told that they have no rights once an egg is fertilized, even if by rape.  They voted against being told that they cannot stand as equals with men who can walk away from a pregnancy and leave the woman holding the bag.
That, Rush, is what bothers conservative men so much about birth control: The idea that a woman can compete on a level playing field is anathema to the misogynistic mind set of male superiority. If they really believed in responsibility, there would be laws mandating paternity tests and child support with hefty penalties for dead beats like ex-congressman Joe Walsh. Never happen under Republicans, though. men are free to spread their seed and women are condemned for “spreading their legs” as if sex was a solo act.
I can’t imagine WHY you’re on your fourth wife or why Romney and the GOP lost the woman vote, Rush.
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