Tinfoil Hat Alert – Most Obama Voters Were White

The latest exit polling numbers have been rolling in, revealing that the demographical breakdown claimed by many of the conspiracy theorists and right-wing pundits just is not there.

As found on CNN, Obama actually did not lose any of the white vote at all in this race.

In 2008, Obama had a solid 39% of the white vote. In this election, he retained 39% of the white vote. The reason why Obama did better comes down to minorities, where Obama made solid gains. In 2008 he held 70% of minority votes, while in 2012 his numbers grew to 78%. The number of whites that turned up at the polls dropped however, from 78% to 72%, making Obama’s gains in minorities have that much more impact.

But it is not just in ethnic areas where dramatic shifts are occurring. In 2008 the total youth votes (those under 30) was 16% while this year it was 19%. By 2016, we are looking at this demographic being a solid 1 in 4 voters, and only growing larger.

The Republican Party of today is now solidly out of touch with reality in America. They have become the old, out of touch group that they once rebelled against. They will blame women, the weather and even each other, but will continue down the path of destruction anyway. They have failed to grasp that the world does not revolve around them and that, despite their claims to the contrary, evolution can and does happen. Ideas evolve, people evolve, and in the case of the United States, the nation as a whole has evolved. Marriage equality, women’s equality, economic freedom through diversification and not wage slavery, all of these are garlic to the GOP’s vampire. Even their claimed “job creators” did not create a single job through the whole mess, despite 30 years of giving them exactly what they asked for.

To steal a phrase, when it comes to people failing to recognize that there is a demographics shift in this country, the voters have a way to shut that down.

And if you check the numbers, shut it down they have.