Official ‘President-Elect Romney’ Website Debuted Before Election Day

Romney appears to have been quite assured of victory, almost as if he thought he’d had it in the bag, perhaps as if someone were planning to manipulate the votes…because the day before the election, this gem of a website appeared in the wilds of the Internet:

The new website for… President-Elect Romney? While some work on such a website might be considered, one does not put it online before one is certain the election has been won. I highly suspect that there probably were websites for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson–should they have won–as well, but they did not post them the day before the election! Some might call this an oops, but this is a professionally done website, not a volunteer effort. A website goes up when the customer tells a web-hosting company to do it, not a minute before or after.

On the website is a nice little link for “Join the Administration” as well. Clicking on that brings us here:

This website is designed to provide prospective applicants with information to help them decide whether and how to apply for a position with this administration. Please read all of the information to the right before clicking “Apply Online.”

Mitt Romney had a post-election website preparing to hire people to fill his administration ready in advance (a normal action), but then his campaign staff apparently were so confident of a Romney victory that his President-Elect Romney website went live a day early.

The real gem comes near the “Apply Online” button towards the bottom:

The financial holdings and sources of income for most applicants under serious consideration must be disclosed for review for possible conflicts of interest, and any conflicts must be remedied by divestiture, the creation of special trusts, etc.

Romney was demanding more financial disclosure from his applicants than he was willing to submit to himself! Romney still, to this day, holds accounts which create a conflict of interest. He still refuses to release his tax returns. He used a charity as a money laundering outfit. And yet, he was demanding any hopeful Romney administration job applicants be squeaky clean.

Now, if we compare the Romney site to the Obama website, we see no such shift. Obama’s website looks the same as it did the night of the election, with only a “Thank You” message added. Instead of a “we won” Obama website, you find the same site design that has been used throughout his campaign. Instead of spending money planning on what to do with his website after victory, Obama spent it winning.

President Obama’s victory Tuesday was hard-won against the largest foe any president ever has faced: billions of dollars in laundered corporate money. Romney was selected with the force of that money, and he clearly assumed he had bought the Presidency. Instead, Romney’s deep -pocketed 1%ers are now in panic mode: the financial markets are bouncing about as Big Money does a rapid sell-off to divest its assets before the tax rate reset at the end of next month. It is a mad scramble, causing its own problems, and indicates that –instead of wise investments based on long-term development and growth–Big Money gambled on a short-term victory and quick profit without any hedging of that bet.

Much like Romney himself.