Hold Your Horses, Arizona’s Not Settled Yet

It has now come out today that 631,274 early and provisional ballots have not yet been counted towards Arizona’s vote total. And of those, it is estimated over 400,000 are Latino, which have broken 71% for Obama in the election.

Comparing the totals in the state, it is looking at a potential flip not only in the Presidential, but in other races down the ticket. With Sheriff Arpaio’s lead at roughly 40,000 votes, and with 120,000 votes left to count, a majority Latino turnout could sink Arpaio’s ambitions to waste the taxpayer dime on more pointless trips to tropical paradises. Arizona might have up to four of its congressional seats flip to Democratic as well.

The real question is, why have so many Latino votes been put in to this provisional state? This election has resulted in numerous issues where Latinos have been directly targeted. If even half of the turnout is as expected, we are looking at Arizona having a massive shift.

The state government is already expanding the liberals’ hold. If they can continue to hold it, we are looking at a 2016/2020 complete polarity shift in the home of Barry Goldwater.