Obama’s Daughter Makes Save On Election Night, Becomes Crowd Favorite (VIDEO)

Malia and Sasha veg with their Dad

On election night you might have missed a rare candid Obama family moment because it happened so quickly.

As the First Family walked on stage early Wednesday morning to celebrate President Obama’s victory, 11-year-old Sasha was kind enough to notice the crowd of people sitting behind the stage.

Seeing that her father was temporarily overlooking the expectant fans seated behind him, Sasha gave her father an insistent series of taps on his hip. Obama put his arm around her shoulder and bent down to listen. Sasha said something like: “Dad, look at the people behind you.”

Obama then turned around and waved, and the crowd went wild with enthusiastic cheers and flag waving. How remarkable that at 11 years old, the First Daughter has such sensitivity to other people.

Here’s the video:


Another cute detail about the Obama family that night shows how “real” they are. Sasha’s green skirt from election night is from a spring 2010 collection, and was first worn by sister Malia last year at a White House State Dinner, reports NBC’s Today website. Mother and daughter both don’t mind recycling their wardrobe; on Wednesday, First Lady Michelle wore a brocade Michael Kors dress she’s worn twice before at public appearances.

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