GOP Pundit Reveals Conservative Media Fleeces And Exploits Its Base (VIDEO)

Author: November 10, 2012 8:47 am

David Frum broke the most startling revelation today by admitting a startling truth, “Republicans have been fleeced and exploited, and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex.”

Mr. Frum, once a speechwriter for President George W Bush, was on MSNBC’s  ‘Morning Joe’ when he broke this piece of shocking news to the panel on the show. This well-known contributing editor for ‘The Daily Beast’ and ‘Newsweek’ qualified his statement when he said:

The Republican party has a party of ‘followership.’ The problem with Republican leaders is that they’re cowards, not that they’re fundamentally mistaken. The real locus of the problem is the GOP activist base and the Republican donor base. They went apocalyptic over the past four years and that was exploited by a lot of people in the conservative world. I won’t soon forget the lupine smile that play over the head of one major conservative institution when he told me that our donors think that the apocalypse has arrived…that Republicans have been fleeced and exploited, and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex.

Scarborough interjected, wanting him to first repeat the comment, then asked him to go back and look at what right-wing commentators such as Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, O’Reilly, Fox and Friends as well as Cavuto, and in disbelief asked if they knew that Romney’s campaign was already lost.

David Frum repeated his headline “Republicans have been fleeced and exploited, and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex,” and then turned it into a plug for his new ebook, titled “Why Romney Lost.”

Joe concluded with this piece:

Conservatives have been lied to by people who engage in niche marketing and make tens of millions of dollars engaging in niche marketing, and I’m a capitalist, God bless ‘em they can do whatever they want to do…but that’s not an electoral strategy, that’s a business strategy for them.

Frum later tweeted the challenge:

Here is the video by MSNBC. Click to 11.00 to get to the crux of the interview:

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