Votes Are Counted, Allen West Lost But Claims ‘Race Remains Undecided’

Delusion and arrogance are funny things. They can make you scream that the “election is a total sham” and call for revolution (Trump Calls For ‘March On Washington’ For ‘Revolution’), they can send you sputtering like the Wicked Witch after burning through millions with no results (Obama Wins, Rove Throws Prolonged Tantrum (VIDEO)), or they can compel you to act like a bad boyfriend who won’t leave even after the break-up letter’s delivered, the ring sent back, and her Facebook status updated to “single.”

As of Saturday morning, November 10, 2012, all the votes in Florida were counted and Allen West lost. His campaign, however, maintains that the “race remains undecided.” For them, maybe; not so much anyone else. You got the boot, Mr. West. It’s not even “complicated.” Florida broke up with you. Stop being a bad boyfriend. Pick yourself up, mourn as you will, but MOVE ON, man!

Here’s the actual math as reported by Huffington Post: Patrick Murphy had 166,799 votes. Allen West had 164,370 votes. That’s a differential of 2,429. Patrick Murphy won. The West campaign’s response? Spokesman Tim Edson, either a lunatic, a true believer, a paid patsy, or a very exhausted pawn in the West wheel, illogically asserted the following:

“Race remains undecided. Before moving forward, the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections must make public the poll book counts from Election Day and early voting. Given the dramatic late night swing in votes in St. Lucie County, we want to ensure that early votes were not double counted. The only way to know that is to compare the poll books to the actual number of votes cast. We are hopeful the Supervisor of Elections will cooperate and make that data available for inspection.”

While surely a 2,429-count advantage does not suggest a mandate or warrant a fireworks display, whatever else 2,429 votes suggests is that they won. The guy who got those votes. That’d be Patrick Murphy. Not Allen West. If it were the other way around, it’d be a win for West. Even with the same “only 2,429” votes. But it wasn’t, it wasn’t for Mr. West. And that’s how we do elections here: whoever gets the most votes (yes, electoral in the President’s case but still, the most votes), WINS.

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