GOP Pundits Select Scapegoat – Karl Rove

Despite the election demonstrating conclusively that the Republican Party is suffering from a demographics issue, the party élite and various elements are resorting to selective finger-pointing, refusing to admit the reality ahead of them. With the party being fed their information by the Conservative Entertainment Complex echo machine, they became an echo chamber as well, feeding themselves their own news and information to reinforce their own beliefs. And as with many people who find themselves presented with a reality that does not fit their delusions, they are now lashing out, trying to find something, or someone, to blame. They’ve settled on right-wing mastermind, Karl Rove.

Having first made his splash by the use of stolen stationery to disrupt a political rival’s campaign event, Rove has been a cornerstone of Republican tactics for over 20 years. With the Citizens United decision, he thought to take his tactics and strategy to the next level, founding American Crossroads. Reinforced by the conservative entertainment complex, Rove and his tactics were key to putting their anointed candidate, Mitt Romney, in the White House, much as he’d been in putting George W. Bush into the office in 2000. To Rove and company, their carefully developed and refined tactics over the years have been foolproof. Their strategy in 2008: let the White House go to the Democrats, then sweep in and act like rescuers, blaming the President for all the problems in the nation. From their viewpoint, this is how Clinton won in 1992; voters were blaming the first President Bush.

It became tunnel vision for them.

And now, the political leaders are calling for blood. Since Rove led them down this path, it’s his head they now seek to stick on a stake.

He managed to burn through several hundred million of donor money, which went not only to his organizations, but affiliated ones. This money did not go to the party directly, hurting their ability to fundraise, organize, and coordinate. This money went to consultants who did things like waste a fortune on broken get-out-the-vote systems and broken voter suppression tactics. And, backed by the conservative entertainment complex echo-machine, they fell into a trap. They only heard the parts they wished to hear, because those were only the parts given; Karl Rove’s tactical strategy as a roadmap.

As reported on Business Insider, there are those calling for the ousting and excommunication of the political strategist. One of the more vocal is David Lane, another GOP kingmaker:

Karl Rove presents a different problem — while [evangelical leaders] are politically naive (from my angle) — Karl is not, he’s as shrewd as a serpent.

Karl is far more formidable…in the presidential Republican primary in ’12, Karl stepped on Rick Perry and then Newt Gingrich every chance he got — albeit with deceit and sophistication — and elevated Mitt Romney at strategic, crucial points along their way to the Republican nomination — Rove’s candidate.

As an example of how sophisticated Rove is…Karl Rove was out raising money to keep Santorum alive until they could kill Newt — Santorum basically ran for Governor of Iowa in 2011, visiting all 99 counties; Santorum, out of Iowa, had no organization, no money and no chance in 2012 to be the Republican nominee; he was only a stalking horse for Mitt Romney — Rove kept Santorum alive until he could kill Rick Perry first, and then Newt Gingrich.

It’s instructive to note that Santorum placed 3rd in the South Carolina Presidential Primary the third week of January, and placed 3rd again the next week in Florida — yet Rove [by encouraging GOP donors to donate to Santorum] was able to parlay two third place finishes into a $1M shot of money to keep Santorum alive…this is political gamesmanship on a whole other level, plus access to unlimited money.
That FOX News and the The Wall Street Journal worked out a hefty financial contract with Karl Rove is of no concern to me, Karl has every right to be paid well and — like me —participate in the political process. But giving Karl Rove the perch as a neutral analyst and an unbiased observer – honest broker – when in reality Karl is driven by his desire to enhance his clients and/or personal interests — corrupts the process.
Being whipsawed…[by] Karl Rove & the GOP chieftains and lieutenants has to be dealt with on our way toward 2016.

Instead of addressing the underlying issues, the GOP leadership, such as Mr. Lane, are fishing about for anything else to blame. Even Rove himself, usually a calm character, has lost it, throwing a tantrum on live television after the election.

Politico is reporting on how donors to both Rove’s and other SuperPAC and dark money groups are demanding answers. Having only gotten a 1% return on their investment, the Citizens United decision looks to, instead of being a boom for them, have opened up these companies and organizations to huge liabilities. Already groups have had their donor lists made public, and the pressure mounting could cause their attempt to buy the 2012 election to blow up in their faces.

With the GOP’s steadfast refusal to understand the next generation, clinging to heroes and examples who were out of office or dead by the time they came of age, it is clear that unless things change quickly, we are looking at the end of the Republican Party. The idolizing of Ronald Reagan holds no more meaning than to hold up McKinley to a World War II veteran, or Herbert Hoover to a Baby Boomer; a hollow symbol of a bygone era. And who do they have to hold up to today’s youth? John McCain? George Bush? Even Paul Ryan holds no sway, especially as he effectively called them lazy and irresponsible in his acceptance speech at the RNC convention.

What they have failed to grasp is that this group is dwarfing the Baby Boomers and, within a decade, will be almost half the workforce, half the political strength in this nation. And they are overwhelmingly Democratic. Running on the three G’s – God, Gays and Guns – just does not work. Republicans think they just haven’t explained the message. They don’t grasp that the message itself has lost its punch.

Of course, don’t bother telling them that. They are too busy starting a GOP civil war.