Republican Obstructionism Continues On State Appointments (VIDEO)

Author: November 12, 2012 5:02 pm

Senator Lindsey Graham @

After Tuesday’s election results, much of the country began hoping that the Republican obstructionism that defined the last session of Congress wouldn’t continue into President Barack Obama’s second term. Luckily, there are at least a few conservative politicians who are on board with the new spirit of compromise, so we might see a real push to finally get things done in this new session.

One thing we may not see compromise on, however, is President Obama’s appointment to lead the Department of State. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has already made it clear he won’t back anyone the President might appoint who was “associated with Benghazi” in any way.

As usual with conservative Republicans, however, Senator Graham has no evidence that the government acted in any way improperly during the Benghazi attacks. Although it’s been made clear now that the Obama administration did its job, this hasn’t stopped outrageous attacks on the President from conservatives everywhere. Even staunch Republican Condoleezza Rice believes the conservative outcry over Benghazi is unfounded, stating, “It’s not always easy to know what is really going on on the ground…it’s probably better to let the relevant bodies do their work.”

A favorite to lead the Department of State for President Obama is current U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. With respect to Ambassador Rice, specifically, Senator Graham again stated that he was “not entertaining promoting anybody” that he believed was involved in what he called “the Benghazi debacle.” Unfortunately, Senator Graham wouldn’t be alone in wishing to extend the obstructionism, as several conservative media outlets have already begun to foreshadow a second term of Republican obstinance.

Watch video of Senator Graham’s full interview below:




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  • The simplest reason for all the obstruction is what Pat Robertson said election night. The Republican Congress has to show “this President” who is in charge. It did not matter that the voters said he is the President. The Republicans are not happy with that. He and his political advisors on CBN said that the Republican Senators had to use their power of the filibuster and the Republican House had to use their control of the budget to show Pres Obama who is in charge. The way he would say “this President” was nasty. He kept using “this President” in such a way that I knew he had another term running through his head that his mouth was censoring.

  • You know there is something very funny going on. I have been reading all morning that the REPs are back to their “blocking everything” ways again. This is what I believe: Obama and The People want to use “no more tax breaks for the rich”. Now, the fact that Carl Rove was paid millions to make sure Obama did not win this election was a surprise to them ALL (REPs) – almost shell shocked – the governor of Florida was questioned why he made obvious DEMs wait in long lines to vote – now with these all other small pieces of facts and activity I say that the REPs are up against a wall – they can’t let the tax breaks go because when this happens we The People will find out just how much money they have been hording by Bush putting this into place and why it was put into place. There has got to be some very illegal activity going on with these very wealthy people – all connected to FAUX, of course – the biggest Anti-Obama people on the planet and of course to Mr. Murdock. So these people cannot let this tax break deal go through or the corruption will be exposed and it will lead to a long line of corruption throughout the Bush era and prior.

    There has got to be a deeper reason for all of this back-and-forth and stubborn behavior. It may not even be that they believe the DEMs want free stuff. Let’s watch and see. But, I feel there is something like this going on. It just doesn’t make sense.

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