Conservatives Petition To Secede: Musings Of A Proud Progressive

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You may have heard that some conservatives are so miffed over the outcome of the recent presidential election and they have started petitions in twenty-two states calling for secession. I’ve spent a lifetime growing up in the south, listening to ignorant rednecks spout off about how the “south is going to rise again.” Rise again and do what? Those of us who went to school know that the causes of our nation’s first post-revolution experience with secession weren’t very honorable and the results were disastrous for the seceding states.

Those poor of the south who did not volunteer were often drafted and forced to fight the rich man’s treasonous war of slavery and involuntary servitude. Conditions were harsh and many of them never returned home. Those who did often did not return whole. The State of Mississippi for instance, once one of the richest states in the Union, was forced to harvest its pristine hardwood forests in the years after the war because there was no other way to pay for the cost of prosthetic limbs for its veterans. Remember, they weren’t U.S. veterans and, therefore, rightly weren’t the U.S. Government’s responsibility. Mississippi, like many of the southern states, still has not recovered economically.

It is not the potential cost of war that should make us scratch our heads at conservatives calling for secession however. We have to take a step back and ask why they want to secede. Is it simply because their guy lost the election or is it because they can’t stand the thought of a black guy living in the White House? Is it because all of this tolerance and progress that we on the left strive for is just too much for their bigoted and compartmentalized minds to take? The motives for their cries for secession are likely far more sickening than the thought that they would actually want to bring secession to our land once again.

Regardless of the reasons, the fact remains that such an act is traitorous and such acts should be viewed as a threat to national security. As a veteran and a police officer, I have given an oath to support and defend our constitution more than once in my life. While some may have repeated those words without pondering the true meaning, I did not. I understood precisely what I was swearing and I understood the potential consequences for making such a commitment.

Should the conservative secessionists manage to bring their ridiculous petition movement to the level of physical unrest, I honestly won’t feel one bit of regret in fulfilling my oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. If this is what the bigots and conservatives want then bring it on I say! Just let me get my family moved to a blue state first.

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