‘Fox Girl’ Megyn Kelly Goes Radically Off Script And A Star Is Born?


Fox Girl Megyn Kelly photo by Alexei Hay @ gq.com

Megyn Kelly is the classic “Fox Girl.” No sexism intended; rather a parallel: between Bond Girls with the youthful “girl” assignation of their powerful femaleness and the women of Fox News, who seem groomed to fit a similar checklist, at least superficially: beautiful, opinionated, and, quite possibly, dangerous.

Megyn Kelly is a perfect example. Just look at her! And this is no dummy: she was a corporate lawyer for years, decided to pursue journalism and did, and in 2003 moved to Washington, D.C. as a freelance reporter for a local ABC affiliate. According to the Daily Beast:

Within a year, she was being interviewed by Brit Hume, then Fox’s Washington managing editor, who hired her even though he didn’t have a job opening. Hume says she was “strikingly attractive,” had a “tremendous air presence,” and “came in believing there was a left bias in the news.” Kelly specialized in reporting on legal issues before being summoned to New York as an anchor.

That would be Fox. Where she remains. Unless she decides to bolt when her contract expires next year. Because Megyn Kelly is now a star. You want to know why? Because in a world of sycophants, yes-men/women, and painfully obvious party puppets, Megyn Kelly had the sheer audacity, in 15 short words, to call Karl Rove on his “poopy-headedness” about where Ohio had landed on election night. Here are the 15 words:

“Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?”

BOOM! With that simple but earth-shattering query, she stepped so far out of the Fox hole it was like watching a replicant fall in love. Or a Bond Girl barely break a sweat to eviscerate some hapless evil-doer while adjusting her make-up and stirring a martini. I could go on but you get the picture. She sent Fox reeling with all that audacity and now she can write her own ticket. Because that’s how anarchy works in the great, grand world of cable stardom.

But despite her current heretical feistiness, Miz Kelly has actually marched in Prada-donned lockstep with the GOP/Fox formula up till this stunning, if brief, reversal. Here are just a few of the stories we’ve run about her here at Addicting Info:

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  2. Megyn Kelly Does Not Have A Clue About Sandra Fluke (VIDEO) – Clueless and cutting, she hissy fits about young Miss Fluke.
  3. Funny Or Die Mocks Megyn Kelly For Her Pepper Spray “Is A Food Product” Comment (VIDEO) – Yeah, Megyn, and pumpkin pie is salad.
  4. Herman Cain’s Weird ‘Smoking’ Ad, Part Deux (VIDEO) Megyn Kelly vs. Herman Cain in that really, really weird smoking ad.

And that’s just one website. The point is, given her track record leading up to this hell-freezing blurt, it’s folly to assume her anti-Rovian moment is the harbinger of more courageous independent thinking to come. Her “red” blood runs deep and a moment of candor does not negate its hue. But go ahead; cherish it, however brief; that one, brief, shining moment that was known as the night a Fox Girl called a Con on his con.

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