Planned Parenthood Hits Bull’s Eye With Funding While NRA Shoots Blanks

Screen shot of Planned Parenthood Action's post-election 2012 home page.

Planned Parenthood Action‘s website congratulates supporters on getting pro-women’s health candidates elected to office in 2012.

Move over National Rifle Association (NRA), there’s a new sheriff in town. Smart candidates might want to stop trying to defund Planned Parenthood and start rethinking their blind allegiance to the NRA. Because — according to the Sunlight Foundation — when it comes to return on investment (ROI), Planned Parenthood beats the NRA hands down.

In Tuesday’s election, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc. got a 97.82% ROI and regional chapters of Planned Parenthood Votes racked up an even more impressive 98.59%. The NRA? Well, the National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action did manage to get a 10.71% ROI but the National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund only achieved a miniscule .82%. So if the NRA mostly backed losers and opposed winners, why is it that our elected leaders are so terrified of incurring their wrath?

This seems to be just one more example of the increasing impotence of the Republican base and their regressive agenda. The numbers suggest that if politicians want to remain relevant in the future, they might want to spend less time poking their noses into reproductive decisions that are best left up to women and their doctors and more time looking into common sense gun regulations that could make our country safer, like reinstating the assault weapons ban.