‘Signs’ Of The Time: Anti-Obama Drunks Target Stop Signs In Election Protest

Video shot of arrest @ wftv.com

Remember the good old days of high-toned protests, when bereted intellectuals and passionate hippies marched in the streets waving artful placards, hollering urgent requests for “make love not war?” Yeah, not too many other people do either. Because in this much less poetic time, some of the methods of protest have gotten as obtuse and idiotic as many of the “protesters” themselves.

Case in point: in the infamous state of Florida (what, is it the water??), a trio of drunk, angry White men, outraged at the re-election of Barack Obama, piled into their pick-up truck (of course) and marauded through their neighborhood streets “yelling out racial slurs” and ripping up stop and street signs like less colorful Hulks.

Being drunk thugs is one thing, being stupid drunk thugs is another (though likely those three go together pretty frequently!). With the signs piled in the opened back of the truck, swerving through the streets caterwauling invectives out the windows, the trio was not hard to miss. Florida Highway Patrol pulled them over to find a total of six road signs in their possession, two of them stops signs. According to Florida’s WFTV:

“They were angry over the outcome of the presidential election,” said Sgt. Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol. [… ]

Troopers said the missing signs created a safety issue.

“[It was] extremely dangerous. We cannot even stress how dangerous. This is not a joke. This is not a game,” said Montes

All three men have been charged with grand theft.

Of course, given the venue where their staggeringly stupid plan was hatched, the aptly named Stagger Inn, the driver of the not-quite-able-to-getaway truck, Jacob Kupp, whose blood alcohol level was “nearly three times the legal limit,” was also charged with driving under the influence.

Florida. Alcohol. Racism. A sign of the times.

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