Tinfoil Hat Alert – Georgia Politicians Told Obama Can Control Minds (VIDEO)

On October 11th, the Georgia Senate Republican Caucus held a meeting convened by their chairman, Chip Rogers. He told the gathered state senators that Obama was part of a nefarious plot. In the meeting was a member of the watchdog group Better Georgia who took this recording for 52 minutes before they were removed:

So, now we have a “nefarious plot” by which the President of the United States turns to… expert analysis? The method claimed, the Delphi Technique, is a common method of tapping material experts, originally developed by the RAND corporation, which do not have the ability to meet up for a conference or discussion. It works through a basic three step methodology:

  1. Structuring Information Flow – a framework by which all experts can rapidly digest and respond to the problem at hand.
  2. Regular Feedback – A continuous or near continuous flow of information attached to the problem being handled.
  3. Anonymity of the participants – To prevent a bandwagon effect, or an idea becoming popular based on who submitted it, the submissions are kept confidential, keeping all feedback honest.

That’s it.

It appears however that Chip has instead been an avid consumer of conspiracy theory literature, such as Educating for the New World Order by Bev Eakman. Bev co-opted the term “Delphi Technique” for something radically different, a kind of hypnosis technique. This is not the first time that Bev’s work has been cited for the President. In 2008 there were claims that Obama engaged in the Alinsky Method, which Bev made up and claimed as a form of Delphi, when in fact it does not exist.

But what is the reason Chip made up for this to happen? Why, it was the nefarious United Nations Agenda 21, which in their eyes is the order for genocide, forcing all who disagree with Obama into FEMA camps before exterminating them. Even a quick review of Agenda 21 shows the conspiracy as nothing but alarmists and easily deluded fools. Likely the same bunch who believe emails from Nigeria claiming to have $61 million dollars in a secret Swiss bank account and they only need help getting it.

So, now we have a state legislature which has had a significant portion of its upper house given patently false information. After the presentation portion, the meeting was shown the movie Agenda: Grinding America Down, which appears to be a claim that the Soviet Union is about to destroy the US based on the cover art and description. I know I am not paying $25 for such am obviously ridiculous piece. They are not the only people who firmly believe that the Soviet Union still exists, but reality still stubbornly disagrees.

Earlier this year, Chip introduced legislation to prohibit Agenda 21 (which is non-binding regardless) from applying in Georgia, stating “according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded by society” Yes, you read it right. Chip Rogers stated flat out that he was against social justice and opportunity for people.

The fact is, they have a black, centrist president, and are attempting to claim and believe anything they can to try and salvage their own false world view. By doing this, now these legislators can go “Obama did not win, he brainwashed people.” It is a farce, and if this is the point that the GOP has reached, perhaps it is time for Herman Cain’s third-party ambitions to get off the ground.