Palin In 2016, Seriously?

When there are true stories about Georgia lawmakers meeting to discuss Obama’s mind control techniques and a member of the House Science Committee calling evolution a lie from the pits of hell how can anyone know anymore whether an article is serious or satirical? In today’s Los Angeles Times Charlotte Allen suggests that Sarah Palin is the cure for the GOP in 2016 and it’s difficult to tell whether she genuinely believes what she’s saying or not.

She starts out citing a CNN exit poll from 2008 showing that of the voters who listed Palin as a factor in their decision, 56% voted for McCain and 43% voted for Obama. Um, yeah, but that was four years ago. Maybe Ms. Allen might want to look at the 2011 McClatchy-Marist Poll that showed 72% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents didn’t want Palin running for president in 2012. But by her convoluted logic this shows that since McCain got more votes than Romney, voters want less of a discussion of those confusing political and economic arguments and more emphasis on emotions. And who better than Sarah Palin, a blue-collar woman with a cute husband who can chat it up with Ellen DeGeneres and those ladies on The View, to give us that.

War on women? She’s got a vagina and a daughter who’s a single mother. Gay marriage? Against it but for state’s rights so those commie blue states can pass any laws they want. War? Iraq War veteran son. And she’s younger and better looking than Hillary Clinton. What more could a voter want? And for any of you smarty pants who want to bring up something stupid like an actual grasp of the hard choices that are facing this country just look at Ronald Reagan. He was ridiculed for being an intellectual lightweight too but now he’s a Republican god. Really?! Do you think Charlotte Allen actually believes this bullshit or is it just that she’s still unable to accept the fact that voters re-elected President Obama based on his positions on important issues, not because they think he’s a cool guy.