Ohio Ignores Comprehensive Sex Education Bill To Continue War On Women

Ohio State Representative Lynn Wachtmann (R)

Ohio State Representative Lynn Wachtmann (R) gave only cursory consideration to House Bill 338, to provide “comprehensive sex education and health” in the schools.

This election season, the country learned that a majority of national voters overwhelmingly support legal access to abortion, but unfortunately, Ohio refuses to learn this lesson.

Lawmakers in the “Buckeye State” have been too busy pushing extreme anti-choice legislation to notice that sex ed programs in our schools need some work. This month alone, legislators in Ohio voted to defund Planned Parenthood,  revive “the most restrictive abortion ban in the nation”, and consider a “sex-selective” abortion ban.

In the midst of this continuing GOP war on women, lawmakers in Ohio are ignoring a Democrat-supported bill which is described as a “comprehensive sexual health and education measure.House Bill 338 or the “Prevention First Act”, aims to reform sex education in public schools based on science-based standards. Sponsored by Democratic Rep. Nickie Antonio of Lakewood, the act would do more than just reform education: The Dayton Daily News reports it would also “establish standards for treatment of sexual assault victims, require HIV/AIDS education and create a state teen pregnancy task force.”

Representative Lynn Wachtmann, chairman of the Ohio House Health and Aging Committee, gave the bill a “complimentary hearing” on Wednesday, but has already stated he doesn’t plan to take it any further. If Ohio Republicans’ true purpose is to reduce the number of abortions, shouldn’t comprehensive sex education be at the top of their “To-Do” list? Apparently not, as Wachtmann appears more interested in subjugating women and baseless insults. Calling Democrats “abhorrent, crazy people intent on killing every baby they can,” Wachtmann made clear the focus of Ohio lawmakers is to continue the war on women at all costs, including, it seem, a better education for our children.