Obama Campaign Not Done Yet – Website Survey Points To 2014 Effort Underway (VIDEO)

After elections, the usual emails go out within a few days, thanking their supporters, looking for post-election donations for the next campaign or to close up campaign debt. For candidates who are not running again due to term limits, who are not going to seek higher office, this is usually the last email you will ever get from the campaign.

Millions of supporters of the Obama campaign were therefore surprised to find another email in their box on Sunday. Titled “Your feedback needed: Take this quick survey.” It directed supporters to take a survey, to tell what efforts by the campaign were more successful than others. This is standard practice for corporations, seeking to find out which marketing approaches worked and which ones did not, but it is not so common for a political campaign. Taking the survey, one discovers a question which many would consider a lead, something unheard of in a political campaign mailer:

Are you interested in running for elected office yourself?

A recruitment for future politicians, taken from political supporters. Politicians usually recruit from within their inner circle, to recruit from the larger pool of volunteers is unusual.

Included on the page are issues to select which are important for the former campaign followers, ranging from LGBT rights to national security. This enables the campaign to, combining these two pieces of information combined with the person’s location, determine who to approach in the future. And that future is looming closer than we realize.

The Obama victory was a solid win for the President and Senate, but the House remains in GOP control due to political gerrymandering. Both parties have gerrymandered in their own favor in the past, but the GOP has taken it to a whole new level, creating districts so convoluted that they are no longer recognizable as districts at all:

After the survey, you are given this message from the President, to those who worked for his campaign in any capacity:

The President, and the Democratic Party in general, has learned the lessons of 2010 very well. Keeping their base motivated through messages and surveys is a first step. They seem to be setting up the groundwork for a major get out the vote effort for the midterms. With the Republican party in denial, the lessons of 2010 and 2012 may be lost on them, and this becomes the Democratic midterm to lose.