Anti-Gay Lawyer Indicted On Child Pornography (VIDEO)

Lawyers have to hold themselves to a higher standard in general. They know the intricacies of the law. If you are a lawyer for the anti-gay litigation group, Alliance Defending Freedom, you need to be very certain to not engage in activity frowned upon by society.

So when anti-gay litigator, Lisa Biron, was arrested for child pornography at her home in Manchester, New Hampshire, it immediately sent waves throughout the media sphere. When details became better known, it became a far darker story than even the initial accounts reported.

An accusation of child pornography can cover a lot of things. Over the past years, many teens had been arrested for it by taking pictures of themselves in a sexually explicit manner. But the details in this case turned out to be something far worse than a simple case of teen crushes sending each other sexually explicit pictures.

The FBI has charged Ms. Biron with transporting an underage girl into Canada, where she proceeded to record that child having sex. The charges claim that the lawyer recruited her victims over online classified websites. Two witnesses came forward to back up the charges, resulting in Ms. Biron not being granted bail. The local news has been all over this story, such as this report from earlier this week (see video):

Of course, having one of their lawyers brought up on child pornography charges was not enough to prevent Alliance Defending Freedom from going to officials in multiple states attempting to get them fired for failure to do their jobs by lying to them, telling the officials in states that passed marriage equality laws that they can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. They had previously gone to officials in New York State claiming that the officials did not have to perform the duty for which they were entrusted, as well, resulting in several of these officials being terminated. So of course, they set out to have more officials fired by sending their agents to Maine, Maryland and Washington to “inform” officials there of their lies.

If one of these people comes to you and tells you not to do your job, don’t believe them.

This, of course, comes after the group’s continual harassment of a transgender woman in Washington State for having the audacity to be a woman using the women’s sauna. The shock and horror, I tell you!

The group pledges to teach “Christian values,” according to their website, but seem instead to violate the teachings of Jesus to “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” They don’t want to give to Caesar anything; they want to take, to force God into areas that Jesus himself said not to. Their goal is to use children, churches, local politicians; anyone they can, to break the law, infringe on the rights of others, and then claim it’s they who are the ones hurt.

Which brings us back to their lawyer, Lisa Biron. She is the epitome of the corruption of this collection of lawyers. She is ill-educated and a predator of the innocent. She sought to get what she wanted, regardless of the damage it did to the world around her. The children she preyed upon will never grow up whole; they will remain damaged from here on out. The former board member of two religious schools in the Manchester area will have a long time to consider the damage she has done. Likely she will feel little, if any, remorse. Her type never do.