GOP Pushes For Tax Breaks For Fetuses

In a move obviously designed to bring about personhood for fetuses through the tax code, Michigan Republicans have introduced legislature that would give a tax credit to anyone with a fetus 12 or more weeks along by the end of each year (December 31st).

While on the surface the bill might seem like a good idea by providing what they call an “advance” tax credit, as explained by RH Reality Check, “Calling it an ‘advance’ on the actual tax break the family would receive the next calendar year, the GOP frames the financial help as a chance to offset expenses with pregnancy.”

Sounds like a decent idea, right? Wrong. The so-called “credit” is only actually worth about $160 per family, which is laughable in the face of the astronomical hospital bills that can be associated with pregnancy — and costs for diapers alone per month are estimated between $75 and $160 monthly. In actuality, the purpose of the bill is to establish legal precedent for fetuses being people (after all, how else would you claim them on taxes?) and thus continue the mission of granting fetuses full rights as people.

As the previously mentioned article begins,

One of the jokes I have often made about so-called personhood amendments is that if you give a fertilized egg full rights as a person, you should get to claim them on your taxes, too.

Suddenly, that joke is a lot less funny.

It certainly is. One comment I’ve seen on an article while researching appears as follows:

The argument, like the bill, may appear somewhat valid at first. New mothers — especially those below the poverty line — need all the money they can get. Kids are expensive. As someone that grew up in an extremely low-income household, I can testify to that with authority stemming from personal experience.

Let’s think about it, though. Is the money for diapers for a month really worth giving the war on women ammunition to use while stripping your rights in court later? The above commentator states that, “I rarely care about the ‘intent’ that legislators might have behind their bills.”

That type of attitude is extremely dangerous, as it passively allows the erosion of your rights through apathy. Accepting the future implications of a bill such as this because of an immediate (somewhat) monetary benefit is ludicrous for a mature mind.

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