John Boehner Demands Killing Of Obamacare In Budget Negotiations

Nothing says bipartisanship like the demand to throw millions of people under the bus by eliminating their healthcare. Speaker of the House John Boehner is arguing just for this in his new op-ed piece published yesterday in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

He admits in his piece that the previous tactics of directly attacking the popular national healthcare law, has failed, and that his tactics need to change, saying:

The tactics of our repeal efforts will have to change. But the strategic imperative remains the same. If we’re serious about getting our economy moving again, solving our debt and restoring prosperity for American families, we need to repeal Obamacare and enact common-sense, step-by-step reforms that start with lowering the cost of health care.

To do this, his plan is simple, to attack the subsidies for insurance companies, which would in turn force the companies to drop low-income people from insurance rolls. This would in turn force an increase in those people on to Medicaid rolls. The result would actually increase the federal budget, not reduce it. It would also cause an increase in the cost of healthcare for all.

But he is not done with his argument either, pointing out that Congress has been negligent in performing their duties by attacking the Department of Health and Human services with pointless subpoenas for meetings where there is no purpose other than to let GOP congressman sit there and mouth off falsehoods and lies. He admits this in his piece, spun nicely to sound reasonable when in fact he is purposefully attempting to abuse his authority as Speaker. It was similar abuses which forced the resignation of Newt Gingrich, and led to the arrest of former House Majority Leader Tom Delay. He seems well poised to be joining these men in disgrace with the attitude he has taken.

To close, he also comes out for large federal government control over state healthcare rules and regulations, without realizing it. He praises Ohio’s choice to not set up the insurance exchanges. But he neglects to mention that should Ohio fail to set those up, the Federal Government will step in and do it for them instead. He has just praised Ohio’s turning over of its healthcare system to the Federal Government. So much for “small government” Mr. Speaker.

Speaker Boehner seems to think that he has a bargaining chip in this deal. He does not. At this point, the deal will be whatever the Democrats in congress and President Obama demand. They lose nothing if the nation goes over the fiscal cliff, while his party loses everything. This new posturing, by the speaker is a pointless gesture intended to rally up the base, but it is a bark without bite. Instead by this move, John Boehner has instead hurt his parties, and his own, position even further.

John Boehner has a bad habit of speaking the truth, but covering it with flowery language meant to confuse people. He is a big government Republican who stands against the Tea Party on every point, but due to his mastery of language they believe he is for them. A time is coming when the Tea Party will wake up and realize that their biggest enemy is not President Obama, or the Democrats, it is fat cat corporatists like John Boehner. And when that time comes, we can expect heads to roll in the Republican Party.