Tea Party Leader Calls For Electoral College To Steal The Election For Romney

Election, shmelection — the Tea Party has the plan. Judson Phillips, head of the Tea Party Nation, has now called for the usurping of the US Constitution, and forcing their candidate for President to win despite his historic loss. After all, their earlier plan headed up by the Orca vote manipulation system was stopped by Anonymous resulting in Karl Rove’s public meltdown on election night, and the attempts to paint the re-election of President Obama as fraud fell apart as quickly as it was put together, so Mr. Phillips has set out to try and steal the election through another means.

In his editorial, Judson claims that a quorum of the Electoral College is required for the election of a president. In his proposal, he demands that GOP state legislatures refuse to send their electors to DC in order to prevent the formation of the quorum, forcing the vote instead to the House of Representatives, where he believes that the house would ignore the will of the people, and elect Mitt Romney to be president regardless. To him, it is a foolproof way to get rid of democracy and impose the theocratic dictatorship which seems to be his intent.

Of course, this plan has one small problem: the US Constitution. While he claims you need a quorum of electors for the Electoral College, the 12th amendment does not specify that at all. There is a quorum component, but it is for the House of Representatives, *not* for the Electoral College. The Electoral College does not require a quorum, only that the winner have at least half+1 of votes cast, which would still happen should Mr. Phillips get his wish.

This is a continuing issue with the Tea Party, what they believe does not match up with the document they claim to cherish. They fight for the right to impose their religious beliefs on the government, despite the US Constitution’s prohibition on it. They fight for the right to eliminate the right to vote for minorities, despite the US Constitution enshrining the right of the minority. And now they demand that the US Constitution be ignored, and attempt to force their ideas down the throat of the rest of the United States.

It is clear, the Tea Party as represented by Mr. Phillips is an anti-American anti-democracy group intent on dismantling the will of the people and imposing their own Iranian-style theocratic state. The idea of civil liberties, freedom, or the social contract is foreign to them. It is this group which was called by the ancient Greeks “idiothes,” was an epithet for a person who was self-centered to the point of actively unpatriotic; someone who put personal desires ahead of his family and city, refusing duty in favor of personal wealth and advancement. The ancient Greeks valued individual honor and responsibility, but overlapped them and made civic duty a cornerstone of both. Today we would call such a person a Libertarian or Objectivist. The word idiothes is the root for the word “idiot” in English today.

So, Mr. Phillips, you are an idiot, and proud of it.