Fox’s Fear Mongering Won’t Stop With The Holidays

Fox New, once again, promotes War on Christmas

Talking Points Memo yesterday posted a compilation video they called Fox News’ “Scariest Christmas Ever.” In it, they highlight several instances, just between November 17th and November 21st, in which Fox News has already begun to scare their gullible conservative viewers with ideas of a “War of Christmas.”

Co-hosts of Fox New’s, “The Five,” asked each other whether it was too early to start talking about the “War on Christmas,” to which of course, Andrea Tantaros replied, “It’s never too early.” It might be “never too early” for you, Fox News, but the rest of us might need a minute to celebrate the re-election of President Barack Obama and celebrate Thanksgiving with our families before we can stomach your useless fear mongering.

Fox News mentioned several instances they perceive as a “War on Christmas,” which, of course, to the rest of us just seem like a decent separation of church and state.

Indecision Forever writer, Dennis DiClaudio, posted about the removal of a cross on an Illinois water tower and cited Fox News’ headline, “War on Christmas Erupts in Illinois.” DiClaudio aptly asked:

“You ever notice how it’s always a War on Christmas in small town America? It’s never a War on Hanukkah or a War on Ramadan? How about a War on the Festival of Vasant Panchami once in a while? And would it kill them to declare a War on Bahá’í Naw-Rúz now and then? Why is it always the Christian holiday that gets attacked in in these little pockets of Americana?”

Why, indeed, Fox News? It can’t possibly be because you are pandering to your equally uninformed viewers and trying to keep them living in fear of the Obama administration and those scary “liberals,” can it?

News Hounds also reported on another perceived threat by Fox, which they claimed was perpetrated by those evil “atheists” who want to ruin Christmas for everyone. Apparently, Santa Monica has decided, for the first time in 60 years, not to set up nativity scenes along its well known Ocean Avenue. Attorney Peter Johnson Jr. noted, sadly:

“A pox on all your houses, religion is going out the window, we’re not going to allow the First Amendment to prevail here and the result, in the public square, is that Christian and Jewish symbols will not be allowed to be displayed in Santa Monica.”

News Hounds also notes that Johnson chose not to mention a quote by Santa Monica’s deputy city attorney, who stated:

“The decision to ban the displays also saves the city, which had administered the cumbersome lottery process used to award booths, both time and money while preserving the park’s aesthetics.”

So Fox News chose to ignore the facts of the situation and scare its viewers, yet again. Color me surprised.

It gets better though: According to Tantaros, “This is the thing about atheists, they bully other religions, and they are just vehemently intolerant.” Really, Tantaros? Is that “the thing” about atheists? I’m pretty sure, first of all, that to call atheism a “religion,” in the sense that it can be referred to by “other religions,” is wildly inaccurate, not to mention, entirely self-serving for the hacks over at Fox News. But let’s forget that for a moment and focus on how atheists are “vehemently intolerant.” I don’t suppose anyone would ever accuse Fox News, or even, perhaps, Christianity, of being “vehementantly intolerant” of anything, right? (Barring of course, Fox’s vehement support of anti-gay organizations like Chick-Fil-A and other anti-gay actions it took in that vein.) It seems what Fox News is choosing to ignore is its own war on every other belief system, while continuing to direct all their network programming around the idea of intentionally scaring their conservative, Christian viewers.

Rolling Stone magazine has called Fox News “the most profitable propaganda machine in history.” For an organization which claims to be “Fair and Balanced,” Fox News has never been further from either.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad day for those of us that thought we’d dodge Fox New’s “War on Christmas” this year. Not only have they taken up their rabid fear mongering again, but this year, they’ve brought it back even earlier. I’d imagine the best thing to do, if we really want to enjoy our winter season, is to simply avoid Fox News altogether.