Voter Fraud – Texas Legislature Style (VIDEO)

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” so said William Shakespeare in the play Hamlet. So when you have a state legislature adamant to prevent voting fraud, putting down requirements so insane that members of their own body would have difficulty in adhering to it, one must take a closer look at their own behavior, as local TV channel KEYE TV did:

The legislators claiming voter fraud are themselves engaged in voter fraud. But not just any voter fraud, voter fraud on a massive scale. See, a legislators vote counts not as their own, but as the vote for the people they represent. In the Texas legislature, that means each vote fraudulently made in this manner is actually the vote of just over 100,000 people according to the Texas Medical Association Legislature website.

And it is rampant.

The official House rules state “Any member found guilty by the House of knowingly voting for another member on the voting machine shall be subject to discipline deemed appropriate by the House” but the person in charge of this, Speaker of the House Tom Craddick, has shown no desire to enforce the rules.

The irony of legislators breaking the rules for voting while attempting to reduce or eliminate the ability to vote for their constituants is quite clear. That to break the rules they engage in Olympic-level gymnastics, leaping from desk to desk to register their votes, is even more ridiculous. It casts doubt on all legislature passed in Texas, did the people actually vote for it, or were their votes taken, many times by people of the opposing caucus?

If the Texas Legislature had any moral standing, it would declare a mulligan, all legislature passed during this session null due to being unable to validate who voted, and all legislators who had engaged in the activity resigned posthaste. Of course this will never happen, the legislators want power, they don’t care about such things as doing their jobs, voting integrity, or morality.

If Texans want their voices heard, this is one time to literally “throw the bums out.” What is the point of voting for someone only to have that legislators vote stolen by someone else in the legislature?