Bush Family Considers 2016 Presidential Bid

Jeb Bush, brother to former President George W. Bush and son to former President George H.W. Bush, is considering a bid for the 2016 presidential election, according to sources close to the ex-Governor of Florida. The possible run comes in light of the decisive losses of the Republican Party during the 2012 election cycle, which many are saying is due to the Democratic support of fast-growing demographics and minorities.

Despite the universal disapproval of President George W. Bush (those on the left say he’s a war criminal, while conservatives dislike him for growing the government and increasing spending), there are those that feel the family name wouldn’t have an impact on a campaign:

His complicated political considerations include the question of whether the country would consider electing another Bush.

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, to whom Mr. Bush has given advice, said Mr. Bush’s brand is based on his record in Florida and his continuing policy work.

“The irony is the platform that he has is based more on his first name and what he did in Florida than what his last name is,” Mr. Walker said in an interview. (New York Times)

It’s hard to say. A run by Jeb Bush would certainly appeal more to Hispanics — he has a somewhat progressive view regarding immigration and his wife was born and raised in Mexico. He also speaks Spanish.

Despite his immigration views and a refusal to sign Gover Norquist’s “no new taxes” pledge, Jeb Bush maintains hardline conservative views on abortion and other hot-button issues, and a subject of political speculation right now is whether or not GOP social views have any future in America at all. The New York Times also reports on his famous educational stances:

Mr. Bush supports school choice and stricter performance standards, pitting him against teachers’ unions but putting him in league with Republican power brokers like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch. Mr. Bush’s education project, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, has support from major party donors like the Walton family and the hedge fund executive Paul E. Singer, and has attracted support from the Bloomberg and Gates foundations.

Jeb Bush’s possible run is just that at this point — possible. It isn’t for sure, but he’s not saying he won’t, either. It will likely depend on how the next four years go for the Obama administration, as well as several other factors surrounding Jeb Bush himself.

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