Standard Right Wing Propaganda: Heroic Red States Support Lazy Blue States

Actually, no, they really, really don’t. First, let’s dispose of a couple of problems with this “witty” picture:

First, that is not the map of the 2012 election. That’s not even that map of the 2008 election. It’s the map of the 2004 election. Now why, oh why, would they feel the need to go back to 2004 to get a map?

Why not the 2012 map?:

Oh, I see! There’s a lot more blue in there. That’s pretty damn dishonest. That’s almost like using to the 1992 map to show how liberal America is:

But you don’t come to this site for dishonesty. We leave that sort of thing to the Right. By the way, if anyone is wondering, yes, the original picture was posted on Nov. 9. AFTER the election so the Right Wing schmuck who made it could have easily found an updated picture. That is, if he was interested in being honest. Now you know why we call it “propaganda.”

You see, there’s a funny thing about the conservative image of America that the Right hysterically denies: It’s wrong. Not just wrong but really wrong. They look at the standard red state/blue state map: 

And they say, “Look at all that red! This OUR ‘Murika!”

Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!

Since we’re looking at so many pretty pictures, here’s a good one:

This is the same red/blue 2012 electoral map but the colors have been altered to reflect population density. See that large pale pink swath in the Midwest? That’s the “heartland” the Right fetishizes. Nobody lives there. That because most of the country lives in cities. Actually, as of the 2010 census, 80.7% of the population lives in cities. Now look at those dark blue, almost purple, chunks. See how much more of that there is than the dark red patches? There are simply more liberals in America than conservatives. Those huge patches of “red” in the West are meaningless. New York, alone, is worth more than 7 of those states put together. And Texas? See that creeping blue in the southwest of Texas in the picture above?  Texas will be a swing state within 10-20 years, reliably blue within 30 or so and that will be the end of the Right Wing’s aspirations to the White house. America is not “red.” It’s purple with a blue shift, denoting movement forward. It’s physics, I tell you! (my fellow nerds will get it)

The other disingenuous bit (aka “complete lie”) about “Red America paying for blue America,” is that red states are, by and large, welfare states:

You know, for a group of people that insist they hate the government, they sure put their hand out fast enough for government assistance. Let me guess? You all deserve it for being white “good Amurikans?” Keep telling yourself that, you moochers!

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