Walmart Protestor Arrested Inside Portland Store

Display in front of Portland Walmart 11.22.2012

Portland police officers aren’t releasing many details about their arrest of a protestor in a Walmart store Thursday night. Here’s a copy of the police report:

Portland Police Monitoring Protest at Southeast Portland Walmart – 11/22/12

The Portland Police Bureau is monitoring an Occupy Portland protest at the Walmart store, located at Soutbeast 82nd Avenue and Holgate Boulevard.

Officers have worked with Walmart management, employees and Loss Prevention Officers to ensure a safe environment for customers and employees.

One person has been arrested in connection with the protest after creating a disturbance inside the store.

The Portland Police Bureau will continue to monitor the protest and will take enforcement action if necessary to ensure a safe and peaceful environment.

I wonder if police in any state arrested pushy shoppers for creating a “disturbance,” as they elbowed and verbally attacked competing shoppers (as they are known to do)?

Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson declined to give further details about the arrest, telling an Oregon Live reporter that officers are working to ensure a safe environment for shoppers and that a team of police planned to remain at the Eastport Plaza Walmart throughout the night.

About 30 or so people gathered across the street from the same Portland Walmart last night, alongside a lighted display reading: “Walkout on Walmart.” Protesters were passing out flyers to shoppers with a picture of two iPads and a caption reading: “Free stampede after giving thanks for what you have.”

Walmart seems to have beefed up security across the nation, not only for protests, but for stampeding shoppers as well. A California Walmart reports hiring 27 additional security guards, four of them armed, for Thanksgiving night, writes the Northridge-Chatsworth Patch. A store manager implied to the paper that the extra measures were to protect the store, not shoppers.

A photoshopped dramatization. Probably.

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