Walmart Strikers Energized By Large Turnouts Nationwide (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Twitter is ablaze with images and videos from Walmart workers striking ‘For Respect.’ We’ve collected some highlights in homage to the brave employees who are striking to demand respect from their employer and to catch the attention of millions of shoppers.

Please share so the rest of the nation can see what people who aren’t afraid to speak out can accomplish in the name of a more just economy:

From Kenosha, Wisconsin (Video produced by Occupy Riverwest):

From Duarte, California:


From Capital Plaza, Maryland:


From Miami:

From Atlanta, Protestors Block Entrance to Howell Mill Store:


The source and authenticity of the photo below are unknown; it shows up as a top image when searching @Walmart on Twitter. We thought it was worth sharing in case it turns out to be real. There is one confirmed arrest of a protestor in Portland.

Source Unknown, shows up as top image when searching @walmart

From Chicago:

From Quincy, Massachusetts:


From Washington, DC:


In addition to the reported arrest, at least one protest was dispersed: OUR Walmart says that the peaceful crowd of workers rallying outside a Dallas Walmart was dispersed by police sometime after 9:45pm CT on Thursday, reports The Nation.

For more coverage of striking Walmart workers, read:


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