Morgan Freeman Lends His ‘Voice Of God’ To Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

Morgan Freeman, “Voice of God” @ Facebook

While some on the right remain convinced that “God hates fags” or that members of the LGBT community are all going to Hell because the Bible told them so, there’s something deeply comforting – and oh so vindicating – about the new video in support of marriage quality…narrated by none other than the “voice of God,” Morgan Freeman.

A man well known for his gentle manner and “righteous” tones, Freeman has lend his talents as both an actor and narrator for countless films, television shows and commercials. A strong political activist, he once again steps into the ring of political and social causes to narrate a new “marriage equality” television ad for the Human Rights Campaign, who are delighted to have his contribution:

We are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. We are friends and neighbors and colleagues. We are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight. We believe every American has the right to marry the person they love.

This national television ad, narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, vividly displays our movement’s momentum, and all that is at stake in the fight for full, nationwide marriage equality.

At a momentous time for the marriage equality movement, with three states – Maine, Washington and Maryland – passing ballot measure to legalize gay marriage, the issue has moved from the margins of social politics into the bigger cultural arena to grab attention from the electorate at large. Despite the continued push by the Right and fundamentalist Christians to “defend” marriage within the confines of heterosexuality, 51 percent of Americans are now in favor of marriage equality.

Which means the high profile and high favorability of a beloved star like Morgan Freeman lends continued credibility to what has become a majority issue. CNN’s Kevin Liptak wrote:

Freeman is no stranger to narrating ads for politicians and causes – the Oscar winner narrated a spot for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in October that detailed the incumbent’s first-term accomplishments. It ran heavily in battleground states.

Freeman also donated $1 million to the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA, writing in part that the president “has led our nation to be more tolerant and placed impressive, accomplished women on the Supreme Court.”

As he lends his voice to the marriage equality movement, hopefully his appreciation for greater tolerance will be well rewarded.

To see the ad, click the video below:

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