Doctor Warns That Your Kids Might Be Exposed To Gay People In College

Dr. Jennifer Roeback Morse @ YouTube

THANKSGIVING:  NORMALLY, A TIME TO THANK GOD and count our blessings. A time to stuff the turkey and then stuff ourselves; maybe have a piece of pie and settle down to watch football. Or, if you’re Dr. Jennifer Roeback Morse of the Ruth Institute, a time to warn unsuspecting parents that their sons and daughters in college are being exposed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

If you missed Dr. Morse’s recent video, it’s a pleasant 3:24. The background music is soothing. The doctor has a pleasant voice and a seemingly gentle demeanor. And even when she’s asking for money, you hardly notice.

At any rate, here’s what has her worried: in light of the recent election, she says, conservatives are concerned about “what’s going on in the culture.” If you’re a liberal, you wonder: Does she mean the re-election of that…um…Negro person? Is she concerned about the legalization of pot in Colorado? Or new assisted suicide provisions in Massachusetts? No way of telling. But she is clearly worried about gayness.

Really, you wonder if what Dr. Morse wouldn’t really like to see is for all LGBT individuals to get themselves back into their closets, so that religious people (like Dr. Morse) could slam the doors again and bolt them.

What’s “wrong” with our culture exactly? Colleges are hiring young LGBT men and women to be resident advisers in dorms and the presence of such individuals is putting pressure on straight students to become…horror of horrors…accepting. Dr. Morse warns conservative parents:  “[T]he other side has RA’s in the dorm where your young people are going to school.”

(You can almost see conservative parents, sitting at home in front of computer monitors, asking: “My lord, what next? Muslims!!!”)

Dr. Morse goes on to discuss a talk she gave to Catholic students at a “large state university.” A good Catholic girl came up and told her she was an RA herself, but had been pressured to attend a “drag party” organized by the head Resident Advisor in her dormitory. She wasn’t comfortable with that idea and told him. He replied, according to Morse, that the good Catholic girl would have to organize a different event for the dormitory, which houses 800 students. Really, it sounds bad. It sounds like the head RA might have been kind of an asshole. And if we know anything about LGBT individuals, we know they’re just like us straight folk.

Which means some of them are certain to be assholes.

What to do, what to do? Well, donating to the Ruth Institute, which defends traditional marriage (Motto:  One Man. One Woman. For Life.) is apparently a good place to start. As Dr. Morse explains, a media campaign isn’t going to save the children and preserve their non-tolerant values. No, more is needed:

“We’re providing them educational content, we’re spending time with them, we’re hanging out with them, we’re listening to what they have to say.”

Yep, says Dr. Morse, we need money.

“Somebody’s gotta be there, talking to young people one at a time, in the places where they’re hanging out, and doing the things they’re doing.”


A. What Dr. Morse is saying is that LGBT people are icky and conservatives prefer society as it was (c. 1950) where they still actually existed but weren’t actually seen.

B. Conservatives don’t want young people to become accepting, because LGBT types might then want to be seen, which would make conservatives really uncomfortable.

C. If conservative sons and daughters go off to college and are taught to accept these people, their religious values will be destroyed. They will forget what Jesus said, like:  “Love thy neighbor, unless he or she is LGBT.” (That’s in the Bible, right?)

D. Faith and tolerance are mutually exclusive.

E. If gays, etc., are allowed to marry, their gayness will rub off somehow on us straight people and destroy traditional marriage.

If you don’t believe it go to: Be sure, while you’re there, to order a free copy of Dr. Morse’s pamphlet The Socialist Attack on the Family. Have your credit card ready, too, in case you’d like to purchase a “30 minute audio CD, called Defending Marriage. One for $10. Ten CD’s for $50.”

And next Thanksgiving, forget the desert and tolerance and give one of Dr. Morse’s CD’s to your gay cousin.