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  1. Elisabeth Parker
    Elisabeth Parker
    November 27, 2012

    Thank you for your years of service, Ron. I agree that 1 percenters like Fiorina should take a walk in your shoes.

  2. Ron
    November 27, 2012

    I served my country for twenty years through one war and several family separations. I worked in the private sector for many additional years. Now that I am old, my military retirement and social security keep my wife and I from starving, keeps the roof over our head and buys enough gasoline for us to make it to the store for groceries and the doctor for our failing health. My retirement benefits from the corporation I worked for – zero. The wealthy corporation I worked for in civilian life paid me a pension only until I began drawing Social Security. It forced me to retire early, far sooner than I anticipated, when my job was outsourced. I invite Fiorina to come live with us for a month or two just to see how rich we are. I know there are many public sector employees who are doing much worse than we are after working for 30 or more years for government. You see them working for Walmart at a miserable wage just to survive. I know, I used to work for that company also before my health caused me to quit.

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