Former ‘Family Values’ GOP Candidate Arrested For Wife Beating

Oh, Brad Staats, not only were you compensating for something by flashing your gun during the campaign, now that you’ve soundly lost by a 2 to 1 margin for the 5th District of Tennessee against incumbent Jim Cooper, you return to your normal life by slapping your wife and throwing her on the bed.

On Sunday morning, police were called to the Staats household by his wife, Bethany. When they arrived, they found her sporting fresh bruises. When they asked Brad about the injuries, first he dismissed them, then claimed it was that she had fallen on to the bed. He was then taken into custody, resulting in yet another mugshot to add to the Republican  gallery as he was booked at 3am:

It is a small man who feels powerful only while holding a gun. It is also a small man who feels the need to beat their wife. These are the sign of a bully, simple as that. Brad Staats is showing himself as little more than a common thug, and an ill-educated one at that.

For those who recall, he posted a picture of his gun on his Facebook page saying “Welcome to Tennessee Mr. Obama” in response to a non-existent “UN Small Arms Treaty” popular among conspiracy theorists on the right.

During his campaign, Brad Staats said he was running in order to defend “traditional marriage” and the “social values of the people of Tennessee.” Turns out traditional marriage for Mr. Staats may not be this glowing idea some people had thought, and is instead a return to the notion that women are property. As for social values, Tennessee had a reported 1,330 domestic violence cases last year per 100,000, so this statement might actually be correct in an ironic way.

During his concession speech, Brad Staats gave tribute to his wife, saying without her support he would never have run for office. With Sunday’s arrest, one must wonder what else is going on in the Staats household. Surveys have found that in a household with domestic violence, access to a firearm increases the chances of the abused partner dying five-fold. As Mr. Staats has already bragged that his gun is “…something that I usually have with me” the safety of Mrs. Staats is foremost on our minds.

Domestic Violence is no laughing matter, and our concern is with Bethany Staats. With her husband having made his bond of $5,000, the concern for her, and their four children, is very real. If you are the victim of domestic violence, do not keep silent. Reach out for help. If you are afraid, you can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help.