New Poll Shows Americans Demand Less Obstruction From Obstructionist GOP

Author: November 27, 2012 4:10 pm


Even though Republicans are running around like a bunch of decapitated chickens as they come up with  reasons to NOT accept blame for Romney’s crushing defeat, the American electorate wants them to shut up and stop saying “No” more than Jill Biden on her first date with Joe.

Regarding the fiscal cliff, or Republicans making a monetary mountain out of monetary mole, the american electorate is hardly interested in being held hostage by the fiscal terrorists that swear allegiance to Grover Norquist. Moreover, they are screaming for these obdurate clowns to actually do their jobs and negotiate with the President on the budget. Crazily enough, new polls show that they are actually more interested in the budget talks than in whom disgraced CIA head David Petraeus droned who weren’t his wife.

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According to a new CNN poll, 45 percent of Americans say they will blame the Republicans–compared to the 34 percent who would blame President Obama. That margin of 11 percent is nearly four times the edge that gave the president his re-election. And 53 percent have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party. (Source: National Memo)

Believe it or not, Americans are actually paying attention (new guidelines on Facebook, perhaps?) and they are seeing House and Senate Republicans for what they are – a bunch of deranged lunatics who took over the asylum and object to anything and everything the President attempts to do to resurrect the economy. Amazingly, 7 out of 10 say the GOP has not done enough to compromise with the president. And voters tend to agree with Democratic mainstays, such as taxes on the uber wealthy. Furthermore, “77% believe that their personal financial situation will be affected if the government goes off the fiscal cliff,” said CNN polling director Keating Holland, according to the National Memo. 

Now, it may be just be cynical attempt to secure a “grand compromise” on cuts to social security, but just perhaps these polls are what are inspiring some GOP senators to back away from the Norquist anti-tax pledge.  Nevertheless, there couldn’t be a clearer message to a GOP that constantly has a sign “still not getting it” flashing lambently over its collective head.

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