Romney Invited To White House – Could He Lead The GOP?

Just when you think you’ve heard the last of Mitt Romney, something happens which makes a new twist to the story. The White House has now invited the one-time GOP candidate for president to a meeting on Thursday, saying:

Governor Romney will have a private lunch at the White House with President Obama in the private dining room. It will be the first opportunity they have had to visit since the election.

This comes amid a day filled with meetings with party leaders in order to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” Obama was fulfilling a promise made earlier this month to extend an offer for the former Massachusetts governor to meet with him at the White House. The two men have not met in person since the last Presidential debate before the election.

With the GOP’s serious losses in the last election, many have wondered who is the leader of the Republican Party. With this move, that Mr Romney, a former politician who no longer has a position of authority, can gain access to the President it is possible that some within may begin to view the former Governor as a leader within the party.

The invitation may surprise some, but it is normal for the president, who has regularly attempted to work across the aisle, only to find himself rebuffed. The invitation to the White House is demonstrating that a promise made is a promise kept by President Obama. This bodes poorly for the efforts to force the fiscal cliff as an issue, as the president has promised to not allow the tax cuts for the wealthy to continue. The results of this meeting, should Mr. Romney and President Obama create a strategy to overcome the congressional impasse, might show the former Governor as an established leader in the Republican Party. If so, he might be the only leader of the Republican Party who actually has any wish to actually get work done.

The results of the upcoming meeting will not be known for some time. It is a closed door luncheon without media presence. The two men are expected to be discussing a variety of topics, but the focus will likely be the standoff between the White House and John Boehner over tax cuts for the wealthy. Simply put, Boehner is demanding to throw millions of people off of their healthcare, which will kill an estimated 23,000 people per year. What a “moral majority” we have with Speaker Boehner, to kill people in order to save Grover Norquist a few thousand on his tax bill per year.