Another Reason To Move To Canada: Hostess Twinkies, CupCakes, And Wonder Bread

"Take Off, Eh?" Canadian Mountie and baby girl in Wonder Bread costume Progressives fleeing Teabaggers, Teabaggers fleeing Obamacare, prescription drug bargain hunters, and others who talk about moving to Canada may soon be joined by a new group of their fellow Americans: Hostess Twinkie and Wonder Bread fans. In the aftermath of Hostess’ demise — with its inevitable barren wasteland of empty shelves at gas stations and convenience stores, and resulting $200,000 packages of Twinkies on eBayBloomberg Business Week‘s Ari Altstedter reports that Hostess Twinkies, CupCakes, and Wonder Bread are alive and well in Canada.

Canada’s largest dairy processor, Saputo, Inc. has trademark and brand rights to Hostess Twinkies and Hostess CupCakes; and food company and grocery chain owner George Weston, LTD owns the Canadian manufacturing and distribution rights for Wonder Bread. Spokespeople for both companies say that Hostess’ bankruptcy in the US will have no effect on Canadian operations. In addition, Canada’s Pepsico has a line of potato chips in Canada which will also be unaffected by Hostess Brands, Inc.’s bankruptcy.

Can Americans get used to these Canadian treats?

According to Ross Marowits’ article in Canada’s TheSpec.Com, the void caused by Hostess’ untimely demise in the US has made Saputo consider expanding southwards with their Vachon brand’s May West and Jos. Louis treats — which are far more popular in Canada than their Hostess line of products.

Saputo spokeswoman Sandy Vassiadissaid, “We want to grow the U.S. market and we have started to penetrate the [north-] east — Vermont and those surrounding states … that’s what we started a year ago and we are continuing those efforts.”

Unfortunately, Vachon’s snack cakes have been struggling with the same challenges as their counterparts at Hostess, as consumers become more and more calorie conscious.


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