President George H.W. Bush In Hospital

One member of the Bush family isn’t doing too well these days. Former President George H.W. Bush, father of George W. Bush, has been in the hospital since the day after Thanksgiving. It’s because of a chronic cough, and he’s been in and out of Methodist Hospital in Houston for a few weeks. His condition is listed as stable and he’s expected to be released during the next 72 hours or over the weekend.

President Bush presided over the conflict the middle east that was caused by Iraq invading Kuwait, Desert Storm, and his approval ratings soared to over 90% at the time. Despite that, he was defeated in a second-term election by President Clinton less than two years later.

The Houston Chronicle reports on his condition:

“Anytime someone the president’s age has bronchitis, there’s concern about possible pneumonia,” [his physician] said. “But Mr. Bush’s condition never progressed to that level.”

Bush has been in and out of Methodist for a few weeks, and was most recently re-admitted the day after Thanksgiving, said his chief of staff, Jean Becker. He was visited Sunday by his son, former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura.

Doctors treated Bush with intravenous antibiotics and steroids, Myunderse said. She described his cough as particularly deep, but said he’s had no other symptoms, such as fever or shortness of breath. She said for a time the cough had sapped much of his energy but his strength improved in the last few days.

Apparently  the original illness was caused by a virus, but a secondary bacterial infection “caused concern.”

Bush served as VP under Reagan for eight years, as well as flying in the Navy, working as a congressman, directing the CIA and served as president for four years.

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