Peggy Noonan: Why Can’t Obama Just Give Us What We Want?

Peggy Noonan is one of the wise elders of the right wing and she’s mad at President Obama. Why? He’s so stand-offish! Via DailyKos (emphasis mine):

You watch and wonder: Why does it always have to be cliffs with this president? Why is it always a high-stakes battle? Why doesn’t he shrewdly re-enact Ronald Reagan, meeting, arguing and negotiating in good faith with Speaker Tip O’Neill, who respected very little of what the president stood for and yet, at the end of the day and with the country in mind, could shake hands and get it done? Why is there never a sense with Mr. Obama that he understands the other guys’ real position?

It’s not as if Mr. Boehner and the Republicans wouldn’t deal. They’ve been weakened and they know it. A year ago they hoped winning the Senate and the presidency would break the stasis. They won neither. Mr. Obama not only was re-elected, it wasn’t that close, it was a clean win. If the president was clear about anything throughout the campaign, it was that he wanted to raise taxes on those he calls the rich. So you might say that a majority of the American people just endorsed that move.

No one would know this better than Mr. Boehner, who has risen to where he is in part because he’s good at seeing the lay of the land and admitting what’s there.

So it’s Obama’s fault for not just giving the GOP whatever it wants? How does that work? Oh yeah, I forgot! When Republicans win elections, they have unlimited political power and all must obey their dictates. When a Democrat wins, they really should just “compromise” with the losing minority. And by “compromise” they mean “do everything the way we want or we’ll bring the country to a screeching halt.”

Keep in mind, Peggy just said that Obama campaigned on raising taxes on the rich and the public said, “yes!” So what are the Republicans balking at? Raising taxes on the rich.

But, hey!, let’s blame Obama for the failure in negotiations. Under no circumstances can we blame the the party that has filibustered more bills than any Congress in history and has stated, out loud, that their number one priority was to make Obama a one term president. This makes perfect sense. On Fox News.

Listen Peggy, elections have consequences. One of those consequences is that the losing side does not get to make demands like they won. You lost, Peggy. Badly. And unlike Bush’s 2004 Social Security bait and switch (which failed miserably), Obama is doing exactly what he campaigned on. You’ll take whatever you’re damn well given and like it!

Just as an aside: Notice that Peggy says Obama “wanted to raise taxes on those he calls the rich” as if people making over $250,000 are not rich? And this is not a tax raise on that first $250k anyway, it’s everything AFTER $250k. The median household income for 2012 was $50,054. If you’re making FIVE TIMES as much and still complaining you’re not rich? F**k. You.

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