Republican Senator Orrin Hatch: Obama Is A Con Artist

Projection: the act of accusing others of doing something you, yourself, have done or are doing. It can either be a psychological defense to protect yourself from the truth of what a lying prick you are OR it can be a cynical ploy used so other people won’t realize what a lying prick you are.

The GOP lives and breathes projection as a matter of survival.


Is the GOP racist? Nonono! That would be the Democratic Party before 1964!

Is the GOP misogynistic? Nonono! That would be Democrats who want to turn women into slutty abortion machines!

Is the GOP fiscally irresponsible? Nonono! That would be “tax and spend” liberals!

And then there’s this via ThinkProgress:

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) ripped into President Obama’s opening offer on a package to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, during the GOP’s weekly address on Saturday, characterizing the proposal as “radical” and a “classic bait-and-switch.” “Maybe I missed it but I don’t recall him asking for any of that during the presidential campaign,” Hatch said. “These ideas are so radical that they have already been rejected on a bipartisan basis by Congress.”

Hatch is complaining about Obama’s proposal for a tax increase of $1.6 trillion on the rich, saving (as opposed to “cutting”) $400 billion in Medicare and $50 billion in stimulus by way of infrastructure spending.

How, exactly, is this “a classic bait-and-switch?” Did Sen. Hatch not watch the same election as the rest of us? Raising taxes on the rich was the centerpiece of Obama’s stump speeches. Cleaning up waste and graft in Medicare has been an ongoing process bolstered by Obamacare that has saved billions (billions with a “B”) of tax payer dollars and (rightly so) often bragged about. Nation building at home was a catch phrase for over a year before the election for frakk’s sake!

On the other hand, when George W. Bush ran his 2004 campaign, he neglected to mention his number one priority if he should win: privatizing Social Security. He spent months barnstorming the country much like Obama is doing now. The biggest difference is that his agenda came out of left field. Sure, he talked about it in vague terms before the campaign and mentioned it briefly with no details during the campaign but it certainly wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, central to his platform. Yet, it became his most important priority after winning in 2004.

Sounds like bait-and-switch to me.

And then there was the midterm election; Republicans SWORE that if we elected them in 2010 they would focus on the economy and Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Instead, we got Abortion! Abortion! Gay Marriage! Abortion! Sharia Law! Abortion! Abortion! Voter Fraud! And some MORE Abortion!

Now THAT is a bait-and-switch.

Perhaps Sen. Hatch is so bitter over losing this year’s election that he’s developed some kind of amnesia. More likely, he’s just shilling for his corporate masters who don’t want to pay their fair share and Hatch just doesn’t want people to realize he’s a dick.