Religious Fox Contributor Says ‘War On Christmas’ Is Silly (VIDEO)

Every year, Fox’s “war on Christmas” gets far more attention than it probably should, given that it is a complete non-issue meant only to enrage the base and get more attention and thus more revenue. The entire thing is quite silly. Apparently even Fox contributors agree, because they recently invited Father Jonathan Morris on to discuss the so-called war, and he said that it’s “silly.”

Here’s the video:


I’m not a Christian, but I think at this point Christmas is more of a cultural holiday anyway. I don’t celebrate the solstice or Saturnalia, but I do understand the roots of the Christmas holiday enough to correct the inane teenagers on my Facebook newsfeed saying that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” I don’t think that we should try to get rid of Christmas, but public displays (read: publicly owned) should certainly be religiously neutral, or as much so as possible.

The best part of this video was included in the section of transcript highlighted by Think Progress (all emphasis theirs):

The reason I’m not angry is that, yes, I think it’s silly, it’s out of place for people to dedicate so much energy to try to get rid of Christmas scenes like this. The good news is when Christianity has been persecuted, when it has been outlawed, when people have died for their faith, it hasn’t gone away.Everybody has an opportunity to make sure their faith does not go away in this Christmas season to live that faith as a family, as a community. What should we do about these, I think very small percentage of people who are working to try to get rid of these public expressions of faith? I think we should speak up. That’s why I am doing it. That’s why I think it’s important we have these stories to show what they are trying to do — without losing the peace. If our Christmas is going to be all about getting upset at people trying to take away Christmas, isn’t that silly too?

Is it really something to be that mad about?

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