Bill O’Reilly Says Caroline Kennedy Needs Exorcism, Blames Europe Collapse On Secularism (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly has the highest rated show on cable television. He’s also one of the leading pundits discussing Fox’s problems with the so-called “war on Christmas.” Yesterday, I wrote about how a regular Fox contributor —  Father Jonathan Morris — was on Fox & Friends and called the war on Christmas silly, saying that he doesn’t understand why people try so hard to get rid of it but that he also doesn’t understand why so much energy is used in fighting them. Apparently that made O’Reilly unhappy, sparking off a rant that included him saying that Caroline Kennedy — she spoke at the Democratic National Convention about women’s rights — should have had an exorcism for daring to be Catholic and pro-choice.

Here’s the video:

The war on Christmas is getting a bit old. By that I certainly don’t mean the “war” that Fox and company sees; I mean their talking about it. Is someone stopping you from celebrating your holiday? No? Oh, you mean they’re not giving you precedence anymore? Get over it. And stop talking about the “Christmas tradition in America.” The Pilgrims didn’t even allow Christmas to be celebrated. There isn’t a war on Christmas; there’s a war of inclusiveness. Christmas isn’t an exclusive holiday, and “atheists and others” aren’t fighting against it — they’re fighting for the upholding of the law, which plainly states that the government can’t endorse one religion over another. Also, I’m sure that if the European nations facing economic difficulties could be told that their economists need to account for Godlessness in their calculations, they’d probably appreciate it.

Jon Stewart has a pretty good talk on it. Here’s a video:

Let’s not forget that O’Reilly also suggested that a pro-choice Catholic woman is literally possessed by a demon. If the equality demon is being passed around, I can think of a few more people I wouldn’t mind see being possessed. Raw Story reports on it,

“I believe that Christianity in this country is under assault,” O’Reilly argued. “I believe that the forces of secularism want to destroy as much of the Christian tradition in this country as they can… So, we have someone like Caroline Kennedy at the Democratic Convention go up there on the stage — Caroline Kennedy — identify herself as a Catholic woman and then launch into launch into a pro-abortion spiel. Not one Catholic bishop — not one — spoke out against Ms. Kennedy in public. Not one.”

Morris pointed out that Cardinal Dolan had gone to the Democratic National Convention and prayed for abortion to be outlawed.

“Dolan’s a good man,” O’Reilly admitted. “Here’s what he should have done because he was at the Democratic Convention. They were there at the same time. He should have done an exorcism on her.”

The Catholic Church has recently made an effort to step up the number of exorcisms by training more priests to perform the ritual.

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.

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